taking risks for a relationshipsLet’s talk about the risks you take in your romantic life. I’ll start with a quick story…

Jill just finished a one-on-one review with her boss. She’s venting to a friend in the break room.

Her boss gave her some criticism. He said she’s not “applying herself.” But she’s frustrated because she simply doesn’t know if putting in extra effort will pay off.

“I would work a lot harder if I knew it would guarantee a promotion or a raise,” she tells her friend.

Lance, a coworker, is pouring a cup of coffee within earshot. He understands completely. “Yeah, and I’d ask you out if I knew you were going to say yes,” he thinks to himself.

Jill and Lance are both wrestling with a common problem. We all struggle with feelings of uncertainty. No matter how brave or bold you are, it’s hard to commit when there’s no guaranteed payoff.

There’s a word for that. Risk. And if you deal with a risk like Jill and Lance, you’ll miss out on a lot of life’s rewards.

That’s especially true in relationships.

Of course, in a committed relationship the stakes are a little different. The temptation to avoid risk in a relationship goes more like this: “Prove that you’re really into me first, and then I’ll be more selfless, giving and transparent.”

In other words, we want to play it safe. Unfortunately, we often just hold ourselves back.

Don’t get me wrong. I see the logic. Taking relationship risks is legitimately scary. I mean, why put yourself out there if there’s a chance you’ll end up disappointed or hurt?

I’ll tell you why. Because everything worth having in life and in relationships involves risk.

Think of it this way. Life is a gamble. There are no guarantees.

Sure, you might invest in someone and things might not work out. But you’re never going to win anything unless you risk something.

taking risks for a relationshipsHere’s a trait a lot of successful people have. It’s a willingness to go all out even though there’s no guarantee of reward from all the effort. Over time, this mentality leads to the kinds of rewards that other people think were the results of luck.

Be willing to pay for what you want in advance of receiving the reward. You’ll discover more of life’s hidden rewards when you do.

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