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Hey it's James,

I'm very excited that you're considering our personal coaching program. I am certain it will be of great benefit to you.

I don't know if you've read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but in this book Stephen R. Covey shares a story about workers cutting down a jungle.

Imagine the effort of these men clearing the thick foliage, working hard under the hot, tropical sun. And perhaps after days of this tiresome effort, their leader climbs a tree, surveys their accomplishments, and then yells, "Wrong jungle!"

People often make this same type of mistake in relationships. You've been working so hard on your relationships, but something is wrong. And it might just be that you can't see the big picture.

This is where a personal relationship coach can help. They're the ones who will climb the tree, review your situation, and provide you with an answer.

So here is how it works.

After you purchase a private advice consultation question, for only $26, you will be taken to a secure page on our website where it will prompt you for some information.

This information will help your coach get a better feel for your situation. You only have to answer what you feel comfortable sharing. There are no rules on what you can ask. Your question can be as brief or detailed* as you prefer.

When you're done, a coach will get your question and respond back to you within 2 business days, but usually much quicker. We'll send you an email telling you that your coach has responded.

After you get that email, simply log into our member's area and you'll see your answer. You'll then have the chance to ask one more question, at no charge, this is for clarification and follow up on the coaches' suggestions.

It's that easy, and it works. In fact, it works so well that I can back the whole coaching experience with my 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, I'll refund all your money and pay the coach myself. So go ahead and try it. You'll see the huge difference that having a fresh perspective makes!

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* To help our coaches provide the best answers, we do ask you to keep your questions approximately under 6000 characters (~2 1/2 Full Microsoft Word pages) and your follow up questions under 4000 characters (~2 Full Microsoft Word Pages). For most people this is way more length than you will need.