how to get him to like you
You probably have a guy in mind right now. He’s the reason you signed up to receive my emails, right?

Well that makes me happy. Because I have a lot of valuable ideas to share with you.

Starting with this one…

I’m going to show you an easy way to unlock your natural charisma every time you interact with your guy. So let’s get to it.

It all comes down to a simple question: Do you believe you can enhance his life?

I mean, are you convinced that the guy you’re interested in would experience more happiness in life if he settled into a relationship with you?

And if you’re already dating him, are you convinced he’s lucky to have you?

You should be. In fact, that conviction is vitally important to the health of your relationship. Here’s why.

Okay, imagine you’re sitting at the departure gate in an airport. Your gaze wanders across the rows of people seated around you. And there’s this attractive guy who catches your eye.

First impressions tell a lot. And you can tell this is a guy you would love to find yourself sitting next to on the plane.

But why leave it to chance? Why not approach him now? Strike up a conversation. That would work fine, right?

Right. Except one thing. It feels weird to walk up to a complete stranger with the obvious intent of trying to strike up a conversation.

You fear he would see right through you. See that you like him. See that you’re nervous. See that you want something from him: his attention.

And that makes you uncomfortable in a sweaty-palms sort of way. Which, I can tell you, as a dating and relationship coach…it’s just not the vibe you want. You can do better. And I’m going to show you how.

To see how this works, let’s imagine the same basic situation. Only this time, you have something to offer. Something to give him.

You see, he stands up and glances toward the nearest convenience store, probably planning to grab a magazine for the long flight. He grabs his luggage, but accidentally leaves his cell phone on the arm rest.

You snatch the phone and skip after him.

Are you nervous to approach him this time? Of course not! Poor guy. You’ve got something he desperately needs while traveling. You have every reason to approach him. It’s him who will be in your debt.

And that is the magical mindset. That’s the mindset that automatically unlocks the relaxed, confident, and charismatic version of you. And that’s exactly why I want you to start using that mindset on a regular basis. Use it anytime you are about to interact with a love interest.

You use it by remembering one thing. You have a lot to offer. If he let’s you into his life, you’ll enhance it.

The basic belief that you can enrich his life through a close, intimate relationship is crucial. Because it changes how you come across to him.

I want you to remember that you have something pretty awesome to offer. Yourself.

But I understand this is one of those “easier said than done” ideas. So here’s an easy technique for keeping your confidence up.

When your confidence wanes, do a little prep work before you spend time with the man in your life. Think about the ways his life could benefit from having you in it. Envision his happiness in the future…happiness that results from drawing you close.

I call that a “vision boost.” Your vision of what’s to come boosts the confidence you feel today. And it stops you from holding back in the relationship.

A “vision boost” can be a powerful way to help your relationship grow. Use it before you head out on a date. Use it before you meet him for coffee or lunch. If the two of you work at the same place, use it on your commute.

This technique works because you can clearly see what’s in it for him. Suddenly, reaching for a relationship with him feels like the kind thing to do.

It destroys any feeling that you are begging for his attention. It removes anxiety. And he will sense the resulting warm, positive glow as you interact with him. Because you’ll be feeling confident and secure about what you have to offer.

how to get him to like youWith this method, you’re actively influencing your own mental state. When you can envision the ways you’ll enhance his life, feelings of hesitation and fear fall away. And it feels much easier to invite him deeper into your world.

But for this to work you have to do it before the interaction starts.

Once you’re around him, you’ll find it much harder to create a firm picture in your mind. You cannot easily split your focus between him and this mental exercise. So you need to go into those interactions with your vision already set.

The result is an empowering, positive feeling. From that mental place, it will be much easier to overcome any feelings of insecurity. So you’ll be able to share your real self with him, and the payoff in your relationship will be no small thing.

Plus, it just feels good to be confident. So start taking advantage of “vision boosts” today.

Always on your side,


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