embracing your passion

It’s both a love story and an action movie.  Richard Gere’s portrayal of Lancelot was fantastic, and the pain you feel for King Arthur (played by Sean Connery)  is only matched by the longing to see Guinevere and Lancelot give in to the heart-pounding lust they feel for each other.

In the opening scene we discover Lancelot dueling commoners with his broadsword to make money.  After easily defeating each of the brave men that stepped forward, one man in particular wanted to know how he had managed a particular maneuver that disarmed him.

He was fascinated by the skill that had just rendered him defenseless.  He craved the knowledge that could give him equal power.

You may remember Lancelot’s reply.  It became a theme in the plot of the story, responsible for his rapid rise in King Arthur’s Court and the passionate relationship with Guinevere.

Lancelot showed the young man the technique, and explained that its successful execution required something special.  He said, “You must not care whether you live or die.”

This is how he approached his relationship with Guinevere.  He brought a level of passion and persistence that could not be ignored despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.  He poured his very being into his love for Guinevere, knowing full well that if his passion was denied his heart would break.  Those are high-stakes to be playing with.

embracing your passionHere’s the lesson.  When you allow yourself to truly desire a man, your fear will rise to match the level of desire you feel.  Think about that.  The more you want something, the more you become afraid of losing it.  It’s unfortunate but true that men can sense a woman’s fear, often mentally interpreting it as a clingy neediness or trap.

Men value freedom above all else.  It’s one of the things that make men act differently than women.  They like to feel in control of their world.  They don’t like to answer to anyone.

When you approach a man you desire, you must strive to bring a special kind of fearless passion.  While pouring your heart and life into every interaction, you must not care whether the relationship lives or dies.  Do this and you will become intoxicating to him.

He will sense it when you achieve this.  No, that’s wrong.  Sensing something is like a tingling awareness.  His experience will be more like the first breath of oxygen after holding his breath underwater for two minutes.  It will be profoundly different from the smothering fear he has experienced as he contemplates dating other women. 

Men do not want to be trapped, but I’m sure you have known a man who repeatedly said they just weren’t ready for a commitment, only to get engaged two months after meeting someone that swept him off his feet.

How do you pull it off?  How do you create an experience for a man (and yourself for that matter) of life-affirming passion paired with the freedom of reckless abandon?

These are the secrets of Irresistible attraction.  Your instincts and intuition will teach you the way if you start today and strive each following day to bring these qualities to your interactions with men.  You can also speed your learning curve with some techniques that make the process easier in our training materials available here.

Rooting for your passionate embrace of all that life has to offer,

James Bauer

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