James Bauer’s Texting Tip of the Week

“What if __________?”

What if I could teach you a method to influence someone’s thoughts easily and automatically?

Do you think that would be a useful skill?

The fact is, as soon as I asked that question, I began to influence your mind. Because you considered the possibility.

You envisioned having that skill. I caused you to ask, “what if?”

Ask “what if” about scenarios you want to plant in his mind.

For example, “What if we get caught skinny dipping this weekend? I better bring a swimsuit.”


Don’t use this example if you don’t want him to picture you naked! But do notice the subtle way it does that by asking “what if.”

Another example, “What if we skip the meeting and go for coffee?”

Or “What if I bring a swimsuit over tonight?”

Want him to treat you as his top priority? Try this quick tip once a day. (sponsored)

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