Now you might be wondering about that secret “P word”.

It’s “Propinquity”.

Propinquity is a term used by social psychologists to refer to the likelihood of interaction between two people.

If you are very likely to interact with Jake several times each day, you have high propinquity with Jake. You have very low propinquity with a guy who shares none of your interests, does not work with you, and lives on the opposite side of the country.

Why does propinquity matter?

It matters because it determines a lot about the likelihood of you ending up dating any particular person. Social psychologists have discovered that propinquity is a better predictor of who ends up with who than almost any other variable that has been studied.

But can you use this to your advantage?

Knowing which kind of guy you want to end up with gives you a distinct advantage when trying to meet men. The main reason is that you can purposely manipulate your propinquity with the right kind of guy. (Think about how exciting this is!)

propinquityFor example, if you’d love to end up with a fairly wealthy partner, learning golf and eating lunch in a country club is far more likely to increase your propinquity with the right kind of guy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, chatting with men at a local laundromat will tend to build your propinquity with men who are lower on the earning scale.

One of the things I teach my clients is the importance of bending the odds in your favor (instead of just accepting the odds). You can use propinquity to create a tremendous advantage whether it’s an ex-boyfriend or the right “type” of guy you want to meet.

Do you want to find a guy who is physically fit and has good self-discipline? Then let’s sit down and look at your weekly schedule. Are you showing up at the right places and the right times so you can make propinquity work for you?

You’re more likely to meet that kind of guy if you hit the treadmills at the gym at 6:00 AM (because that’s where and when disciplined, fit men show up). Hanging out with your friends at the bar every Thursday night stacks the odds against you.

The point is, propinquity matters. So manipulate it in your favor.

Talk to you soon!

James Bauer

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