how to take a complimentDo you feel awkward when someone pays you a genuine complement?

Do you experience a sudden increase in self-consciousness?

Do you stammer or say nothing while averting your gaze?

Do you hit the person that complimented you and accuse him of lying (in a childish attempt to appear humble)?

Do you tell him to “shut up” or “save it” as if he is secretly poking fun at you instead of actually expressing admiration?

If you regularly engage in any of these types of responses, I have some highly sophisticated advice for you: STOP IT!!!

If you have already developed the social grace needed to receive a compliment well, please excuse me while I reach out a hand to those who never had the benefit of a good teacher in this particularly rare social skill.

To receive a compliment well, you need only do three things:

1. Maintain eye contact with the person that complimented you

2. Thank them

3. Show pleasure rather than pain on your face

These are rather simple steps, but few people respond this way instinctively. Do you know why you should look at the person who complimented you? It’s because looking at them is the simplest way of acknowledging them. It takes courage to complement someone. If you don’t acknowledge them and thank them, they will feel uncertain about what just happened.

Here’s an interesting fact. We like people who like us. Many sophisticated research studies have been conducted to test this theory, and they all point to one fact. If we believe someone likes us, we naturally like them back.

how to take a complimentThis is another reason why it’s important to show pleasure on your face when someone compliments you. Don’t act as if they are putting you on the spot and making you feel awkward. Instead, act as if they just made your day.

No one will think you are being haughty or stuck up when you smile and thank someone for offering a compliment. And that’s true even if the complement is an exaggeration. Just accept it and let them feel good about having done something nice for you.

Developing this skill is important. Men who are emotionally mature will be looking for a woman who is emotionally mature. Being able to receive a compliment well is a foundational skill for demonstrating emotional maturity and class.

Have a great day!


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