building emotional intimacyMen put up a tough exterior, but inside they crave affirmation of their manliness.

They crave respect.

Men feel so strongly about respect and disrespect that the absence of it can end a relationship.

Why have you never heard of this before?

It’s because of several reasons, but one reason is that the desire for respect is so deep that many men don’t even realize other people (women) don’t sense it.

You know how men can be so emotionally insensitive and act as if logic is the only thing that matters in an argument? It sometimes seems like men are emotional idiots.

Well it feels kind of like that for men when it comes to the respect issue. Although…it’s not quite like that because men just clam up and pull away instead of verbally expressing their exasperation.

building emotional intimacyMost men don’t realize you have to point out ways a woman has subtly shown disrespect. They just get angry and close down or pull away.

He assumes you did it because you don’t respect him. Your man will feel unloved by you when he doesn’t feel respected.

The respect issue is so powerful, I want to urge you to spend some time training your mind for greater awareness of the way it affects men.

This is my invitation to you. Use the training material I’ve put together for you on this topic. You can get a copy of my guide on this life-changing concept here.

Watch for my next post on the topic of affirmations and self-esteem. Do affirmations work? We’ll dive into that issue next.

James Bauer

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