How to date onlineThere are right ways and wrong ways to use online dating sites.

The key is to remember they are just tools.

Any tool can end up being a waste of time (or even damaging) if used in the wrong way. When handled correctly, tools can speed you to your goal.

The right way to use online dating sites (like or is by leveraging them for very specific purposes.

They can save you time by attracting opportunities to rapidly test men for their quality and compatibility with your relationship needs.

These sites can also waste tremendous amounts of your time by sucking you into frustration or bad dates you wish you never agreed to.

The reason I teach methods for using online dating sites is because of the possibility for using them to extend your reach. The key is being able to say no to dead ends.

If you are not a person who can easily stick with your boundaries and cut off communication with someone you’re not interested in, then you should stay away from online dating.

how to date onlineIf you can enter a conversation and quickly assess whether a particular guy is worth further testing, you should definitely use online dating sites.

Today I want to share one simple technique. It allows you to quickly screen out the wrong type of guy and focus your energy on winners.

You see, the problem with online dating profiles is that they are engineered to show good qualities, and they can be faked. There’s no real life community interaction where you can see how he treats his mother or whether he has the respect of his female friends.

The solution? It’s simple.

When a man starts up a conversation with you, ask him to connect with you on Facebook. Unlike a dating site, Facebook let’s you see into his real life, his network of relationships. It lets you see how he relates to people in his life.

Interesting side note: Some banks are now using this exact method when assigning a credit score. By seeing who you network with they get a better idea of the likelihood that you would repay your debts.

Warning: You’ll want to “unfriend” him fairly quickly if you decide he’s not the quality of man you want to bring into your life. And if you want to keep your dating efforts private you can tell him up front that you will use Facebook privacy settings to restrict who can see his posts on your timeline (at least until things move forward).

Want more help with online dating sites? Then you should check out the mini-course I did no this specific topics. See how to grab the attention of quality men online by clicking here.

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