He Blocked Me – What Now?

Things weren’t going great to begin with.

Maybe you said something he disagreed with.

Maybe you had a fight.

Maybe he hadn’t been in contact and you just wanted to hear from him.

You went to message him…

And discovered you couldn’t.

He’d blocked you.

What do you do now?

Blocking Is The New Ghosting

Getting blocked feels like you’ve been punched in the gut.

It hurts enough when he doesn’t reply to your messages. But to cut off all contact like this? That’s cruel.

Not only does he want to end it, but he never wants to hear from you again—and he’s made sure of it.

Like ghosting, blocking is particularly painful because of the way it leaves everything hanging.

You don’t have a chance to talk to him again and make things right.

You can’t ask him what went wrong and beg forgiveness.

He’s abruptly cut off your relationship, leaving you confused, grieving, ashamed, lonely, and longing for one more chance.

All you need is 5 minutes to talk to him.

Maybe you can ask mutual friends to intervene. Maybe you can show up at his work. Maybe he hasn’t blocked you on every platform. Maybe there’s still a chance.

Take a deep breath…

And read the rest of this article before you do anything.

Why Men Block You

Why do men do this? Is it because they’re immature?

If he had any sense of respect for you, he’d tell you to your face that he didn’t want to talk to you anymore.

Blocking you seems like a childish act of revenge.

But is it?

Some men do block their partners out of anger.

It’s an impulsive act done in the heat of the moment.

Blocking you makes him feel good… at least temporarily.

Once he comes to his senses, he may regret doing it and quietly unblock you.

But anger isn’t the only emotion that spurs men to block their partners.

Sometimes they’re feeling suffocated, annoyed, or frustrated. They need space, but asking for space doesn’t feel like an option.

Once upon a time, if you needed a break from someone, you could avoid them. You just had to stay away from places they frequent and not answer your phone.

Today, we spend much of our time on social media sites and apps, where our contacts can see everything we’re doing.

If he wants a break from you, he either has to stop using those platforms or block you.

Blocking you doesn’t just erase you from his feed. It also ensures that you can’t see what he’s doing anymore. It gives him privacy online. He can breathe more freely, knowing there’s no chance he’ll run into you.

He may not even mean to hurt you. He just needs a break.

He needs to go no contact for a while.

Can you respect that?

Give Him What He Wants

Right now, it feels like he’s told you to go away in the worst way possible.

What if you chose to see it differently?

What if you chose to see this as him asking—however unskillfully—for a break?

Although it may seem unlikely that you’ll get back together, time has a way of changing things.

Once he gets some perspective, he may realize there were aspects of the relationship he misses.

Going no contact gives him a chance to experience life without you. Unless he gets that chance, he’ll never know how much he misses you.

As much as you want to tell him that you’re sorry and you’ll fix whatever went wrong, your words won’t be half as convincing as those pangs in his gut when you’re gone.

So let space work its magic on him.

Trust that it can convince him better than you.

In the meantime, see this as a personal challenge. Imagine he’s asking the question, “Can you live without me?”

The answer he wants isn’t no.

It’s ironic. You’d think that he’d see your inability to live without him as proof of your love. Isn’t it flattering when someone can’t go a day without seeing you?

But when relationships are rocky, he doesn’t want to know how much you depend on him. Your dependence makes him feel guilty.

And guilt may be one of the emotions behind his decision to block you. He doesn’t want to see your pain.

If you take on this challenge and see this as an opportunity to prove to him that not only can you live without him, but you can thrive without him, then you’re sending him the message he secretly wants to hear.

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