focusing on the goodIn his book, “Hardwiring Happiness” author Rick Hanson explains a secret about happiness. He calls it “taking in the good,” and here’s what it means.

There are little jewels in life, opportunities to appreciate something good. Most of the time, we acknowledge those positive experiences in passing, but we keep our main focus on problems or goals for the future.

But you can hardwire the brain for happiness with one simple change.

It’s just a simple habit. You develop the habit of “taking in the good,” which means practicing the art of appreciating the small, good things that happen on a daily basis.

Here’s why it matters.

It’s not just the accumulation of positive emotions that matters. Rather, it’s the way this small habit rewires your brain for happiness. The potential for personal transformation (and enjoying your life) is tremendous!

By practicing a focus on taking in the good things in your daily life experience, the neurons of your brain literally rearrange themselves in ways that make you more aware of good events. You actually begin to get better at consciously experiencing positive emotions.

This happens because of practice. Your brain changes into a brain that is more open to experiencing positive events.

This is the essence of what differentiates a positive, optimistic person from someone who experiences life with a constant sense of bitterness and frustration.

Can this help with dating and relationships?

Of course it can! Happiness and positive energy are two variables that matter to men. And even if they didn’t, it should matter to you!

Develop the daily habit of “taking in the good.” You’ll never regret it.

I repeatedly return to the following concept in my messages to you. “Small changes compound over time to bring about incredible results.”

I also repeatedly remind you that happiness is something you can develop in yourself, and it’s something that has a tremendously positive impact on all of your relationships.

focusing on the goodTaking in the good is a daily practice that involves purposeful meditation on the small positive things that happen to you. It could be something as simple as the good taste of your coffee in the morning. It could be the purposeful and conscious choice to delight in the sunshine as you drive to work.

Practice taking in the good. Appreciate even the small things. Gradually, this will hardwire your brain in a way that makes happiness come more naturally.

Your friend and ally,


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