keeping the passion in a relationship
Imagine a man and woman, cuddled close on a cold night in a rickety old cabin.

The cabin has many flaws. It leaks heat during the night, bringing a chill into the air.

You can solve this problem by patching up the cracks. Or you can solve this problem by maintaining a roaring fire in the small room where you both sleep.

Both solutions achieve the same goal.

It’s okay if your relationship has a few cracks in the seams as long as you feed the fire to maintain the warmth.
Most people think they need to fix all the problems in a relationship. They feel hesitant to be their warmest, most loving self while there are small problems to be dealt with.

But sometimes it’s best to turn up the heat instead of trying to patch up little problems.
I’m talking about your warmth indicators. Here are a few of them:

  • smiling like you did when you first started dating him
  • showing a desire to get close physically
  • being the best, most attentive listener you can be
  • competing to take care of each other rather than arguing over whose turn it is to do the chore

keeping the passion in a relationshipThere are many more, but I figure you get the gist. Warmth. It comes in many forms. Everybody likes it.

And it goes a long way toward protecting your relationship from growing cold.

Don’t wait until you fix all the problems before you turn up the heat.

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