how to get a guy's interestSmile. Make eye contact. Tilt your head toward him. Touch your hair. Touch him.

Physical cues are important in getting a guy to pay attention to you. That’s not news. Head to any dating advice site. You’ll find tons of tips about the exact things I mention above.

Or better yet, go through my mini-course on this topic, designed by Amy Waterman.  She’s already done the work for you, condensing all the best ideas into one short video course currently available on my website.

Studies have shown that our actual words make up only 7% of how we communicate. The other 93%?

That’s right – physical cues. So you should definitely study up on the ones that work.

But is that it?

Are those all of the ways you can use your body to tell him you’re interested? Nope.

There are four lesser-known physical cues you can use as well. You won’t find as much info on them – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

In fact, using them can make you stand out in a crowd since they aren’t as well-known!

So what are they?

Talk with your hands. TV analysts obsess over how politicians use – or don’t use – their hands. And for good reason. Using your hands to talk can make you seem charismatic. Knowledgeable. Honest. Passionate.

People who are good at talking with their hands get attention and admiration. Even in romantic situations. Those who aren’t skilled “hand-talkers” – or who don’t use their hands at all – elicit indifference. Or even negative emotions.

Keep your legs uncrossed. You’ve probably heard about how crossing your arms makes you seem defensive. Closed off. It’s negative body language. Well, the same is true for crossing your legs.

It’s about availability. When our bodies are “closed,” we appear unavailable. Unapproachable.

Want the guy you like to know you’re available? Uncross your legs… clothing permitting, of course.

Point your feet at him. What if I told you there was a subconscious physical cue we all have? Something that tells the people we’re with whether we want to be there… or would bolt from the room if we could.

Well, there is the direction your feet are pointing!

So make sure to point them toward the guy you like. It conveys interest. Availability. Attraction. That you want to be there with him.

And I know what you’re thinking. “Is he really going to notice where my feet are pointing? Who looks at feet?”

You’re right. He won’t notice – not consciously. And that’s the point.

Where we point our feet is typically a subconscious thing. So is noticing it. But over and over, researchers have found it to be a powerful way to determine interest and attraction.

So pointing your feet at him works on a subconscious level. He’ll be thinking, “She’s into me!” without even realizing why. And pretty soon his feet might be pointing at you, too.

how to get a guy's interestLower your pitch. 38% of non-verbal communication is related to our tone of voice. That’s a huge chunk. And researchers have found that tone and pitch play a role in attraction.

When talking to someone they’re attracted to, both men and women lower their pitch. Using a deeper, huskier voice tells a guy that you’re interested. And that, in turn, can pique his own interest.

So here’s your mission. Pick just one of these cues. Then, the next time you’re interacting with the guy you like, try it out. See if he suddenly seems more responsive to you.

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