Why men fall in love

Men fall in love because they are biologically designed to do just that. All you have to do is become a lightning rod for his built-in love instincts.

The truth is, everything that is feminine about you calls to him. Deserted on an island together, your feminine qualities would eventually attract his attention in the absence of other distractions.

If that’s true, why hasn’t the guy you’re interested in pursued you yet?

The answer is simple. There are too many distractions. You don’t live with him on a deserted island, so there are plenty of distractions competing for his attention and triggering a variety of other drives. Those other drives include things like the desire to achieve success and status and the drive to seek adventure before he “settles down.”

When a man falls in love with you it’s because you have captured his attention as an ideal mate to invest in. He starts to see you as a vital part of his meaning and purpose in life. Suddenly he feels a possessive impulse. He wants to claim you as his own.

But before that can happen, something much more basic has to come first. I’m talking about flirting.

Flirting signals your receptiveness to being pursued as a potential mate. Research has shown that women actually do most of the initial signaling of interest despite the general public perception that men take the lead. It’s just that the signals women send to men are far more subtle than the overt actions men take in response.

While he may be the one to cross the room and introduce himself, it was she who first smiled and then glanced away while exposing her neck (a common subconscious way women flash interest to a potential suitor).

Flirting is essentially a language of possibility. It hints at the possibility of something more. That’s true when smiling from across the room, and it’s true at later stages when you allow eye contact to linger after a quick glance at his lips.

So the first step to becoming a lightning rod for his built-in instincts is to simply give the green light. Use flirting to send the signal that you would be receptive if he chose to pursue you. He can’t help but notice those signals because he is hardwired to respond.

Attract him into a deeper relationship

You will eventually attract him into a deeper relationship as he begins to see you as an equal, someone who “gets him” and dispels feelings of loneliness. But before you get to those deeper levels of connection that come from a shared story and years of bonding, you have to trigger his sexual interest. You do that by accentuating your feminine features.

His masculine features attract you. His strong square jaw line, broad shoulders, and narrow waist register in your subconscious. Your mind evaluates his social competence, verbal fluency, and the kind of car he drives too, but none of those factors would be enough to attract you if he seemed feminine in his face or figure.

In the same way, it’s the very things that differentiate you from a man that trigger his feelings of sexual attraction. Your breasts, your waist to hip ratio, and many far more subtle physical features like the softness of your skin are the direct result of hormone differences that make you a woman. His brain cannot ignore those features even if he wants to. Playing up the impact of those features will force him to evaluate you as a potential romantic partner.

You don’t have to wear a revealing outfit to trigger his attraction. But if you’re serious about getting his attention, don’t wear an outfit that hides your figure and every inch of your skin. If you do, you will confuse his instincts with your androgynous appearance.

But of course, you know there’s more to it than that. It’s your happiness, your energy, and your witty sense of humor that give him a glimpse of what life would be like with you.

Humans are constantly building and modifying a mental projection of what the future will look like. That mind-projected future drives most of our choices to pursue some things and avoid others. Which is why I need to tell you one more thing.

More than anything else, people remember the way you made them feel. Even if he found you highly attractive and loved all your jokes, if he felt small and unattractive in your presence, his love instinct will be snuffed out in an instant.

His friends and family could tell him how perfect you would be together, but it wouldn’t make a difference. That’s because we look to people to see a reflection of who we are. And if he doesn’t like the version of himself you reflect back to him, his love instincts will be shut down.

Through relationships we learn to define ourselves. People act as mirrors, reflecting back impressions and reactions that define how we experience life.

For true love to happen, he has to be in love with the version of himself he finds awakened in your presence. And there is no better way to accomplish that beautiful goal than by learning the irresistible qualities of a woman who understands what men secretly want.

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