Why He Gets Turned Off When You Show Too Much Interest

If you met Kyla at a social event, you might see her as standoffish.

It takes a lot before she lets down her guard or starts to smile.

What you wouldn’t know is that this isn’t really who she is.

Around her friends, Kyla is a different person. Silly, warm and caring.

But she won’t let just anyone in. She’s been burned too many times.

She decided, long ago, that her problem was that she was too open.

She’d allow a guy to see how much she liked him… and then he’d treat her like she was nothing.

She’d fall for a guy, have a wonderful few months with him… and then he’d break it off.

Once she healed her broken heart and learned to live without him… he’d pop back into her life acting like nothing ever happened.

If life taught her anything, it was this:

The key to attracting men is showing how little you actually care.

Was she right?

The “Like” Switch

Kyla’s experience resonates with the stories I’ve heard from so many other women.

They tell me it’s like night and day.

When a guy knows that you like him—how much you really, REALLY like him—he acts like you’ve got “girl cooties.” (Their term, not mine!)

When a guy believes you could care less about him, suddenly he’s all interested.

Is it like that for you?

Kyla even found she could get her ex-boyfriends back this way.

She acted cool and aloof. She pretended she was “above” them. It didn’t take long before they were texting her, wanting to hang out.

Kyla explained to me that men love the chase. That’s why she never showed any feelings; she became a challenge they couldn’t resist.

But was this making her happy?

When I saw Kyla relaxed and laughing, I couldn’t help but wish she felt free to be herself all the time.

I could understand why she’d chosen not to share this side of herself with men, but I wondered what would happen if she tried opening up—this time, with a new strategy.

Why He Gets Turned Off by Your Interest

There’s a really easy answer as to why liking a man seems to turn him off.

It’s because your behavior changes.

When you’re around a guy you like a lot, you act differently.

It’s instinctive. You want to impress him. You want to convince him to ask you out.

That puts pressure on men.

Suddenly, instead of simply enjoying your company, he feels the weight of your feelings. Any little thing he says or does either makes you light up and makes you feel crushed. It’s all too much. It’s stressful.

Relationships flourish when they unfold at their own pace and in their own time.

The quickest way to suffocate a relationship is to see it as a means to an end. Instead of spending time with him because you enjoy him, you’re spending time with him to try and convince him to be with you.

Any time a person wants us to do something—even if it’s something we might ordinarily like to do—we feel resistance.

(Which is why the best way to get anyone to do something is to make them think it was their idea!)

Some men even feel that they’re used by women. They say that women only want to be with them if they think a relationship is on the cards. They feel that they’re not given the chance to make up their own minds.

Luckily, that only describes a minority of men. But it points to one truth about relationships, which is the fact that we all want our free will respected.

None of us want to be a means to an end.

We want people to take the time to get to know us, understand us, and see our bad side as well as our good side… before concluding they want to be part of our lives.

Give Him This

One of the very best gifts you can give a man is not jumping to conclusions about him.

Withhold your judgment until you’ve spent enough time together.

Yes, he may seem like the perfect guy, but chances are he has annoying habits that could drive you crazy.

If you’re interested in a man, channel your interest into enjoying his company for what it is.

It’s not time to think about a relationship yet.

A man has to pass one test before he can even be considered relationship material, and that’s this:

He has to like the REAL you.

And he will never know the answer unless you give him an opportunity to experience the “you” that all your friends know and love.

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