Have you looked on Tinder lately?

Tons and tons and TONS of men…

But hardly any dead ringers for Mr. Right.

As you scroll through profiles on your dating app of choice, you sigh.

Where are all the high-quality men hiding?

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

You FINALLY connect with someone who seems interesting…

And 9 times out of 10, he’s a major letdown.

This is why you’re still single.

If you wanted to lower your standards, you could have had a boyfriend by now.

But you don’t just “want a boyfriend.”

You want a partner.

You want someone in your life who’s kind, mature, strong, respectful, emotionally stable, financially solvent, able to commit, and ready for the work relationships require.

How many guys like that do you know?

High Quality Men Are Hard to Find

High quality men are thinking the same thing.

They’re wondering where all the kind, mature women are, who are respectful, emotionally stable, financially solvent, able to commit, and ready for the work relationships require.

How can we help you find each other?

Right now, online dating apps are still the easiest way to meet other singles.

32 million Americans date online.

Nearly half of 18 to 29-year-olds have a profile online, while 38% of those 30 to 49 years of age do.

Just because you have a profile online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes open for men in real life.

You can still meet men at work, at the gym, at church, through friends, or at meetups.

Single men know that they have to put themselves out there if they want to meet someone—like you!

What You See Isn’t What You Get

But online dating is still an essential piece of any dating strategy.

The problem with it—and it’s a BIG problem—is that the algorithms that are supposed to match you don’t work.[1]

No matter which dating site you choose, you’re stuck with an algorithm that prioritizes compatibility over romantic chemistry.

Chemistry is the spark that ignites when you meet face-to-face.

You take in everything about him—his height, his smile, the way he holds his body, even his smell—and your body says, “Yes!”

Or “No!” as the case may be. 😉

Even scientists don’t know all the variables that combine to create that spark.

All they know is that something magical happens when you’re in the presence of another human being. Typing words on a screen is no substitute.

Online dating is, at best, an introduction service.

It can’t predict who’ll light that spark inside you.

That’s where you come in…

See Through the Disguises

Men online are disguised.

It’s not deliberate. It’s the way dating sites are designed.

His “disguise” is the photo he chooses and the words he includes in his profile.

Those choices don’t reveal who he is.

They reveal how he wants himself to be seen.

A man who presents himself as a “catch”—tall, handsome, successful, able to sweep you away on the adventure of a lifetime—is a man who’s adept at selling himself.

You look at his profile and think, “This is one high quality guy!”

But in fact he could be all surface and no substance.

To find the high quality men, you have to dig deeper.

Look for These Clues

Here are some clues to look for:

  • Does he include value words in his profile that give you an idea of what matters to him?
  • Does he focus on the life he’d like to have, or what he can do for you?
  • Does he focus more on sharing himself or selling himself?
  • Does he suggest moving things forward respectfully, or does he push you to move fast?
  • Does it feel like he wants to connect with you, or does it feel like he wants to impress you?
  • Does it feel like he’s meeting you right here in the moment… or does it feel like he’s given the same spiel a zillion times before?

High quality men can be reserved.

They’re confident in their own value. They’re content to wait and see if a genuine connection develops.

So they may not be the type of men who contact you right away or sweep you off your feet.

If you’re looking for a man who blows you away with his charm and amazing qualities, you may miss the quiet gentleman with so much more to offer.

High quality men may not be the ones to approach you.

You may have to say hi first.

But don’t let outdated gender roles keep you from connecting with men who catch your eye.

Often, a man won’t even see your profile unless you message him.

High quality men are out there. They’re looking for a woman just like you.

Help them find you.

Read between the lines. Look for gems in disguise.

And have the patience to let love unfold naturally.

[1] https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/releases/grading-the-online-dating-industry.html

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