choosing a lifelong partnerHere is my top ten list of qualities you will want to look for in a man.

I share this list with you as a dating coach, but also as a person with a deep desire to see good women end up with worthy men. I want YOU to end up with someone who will treasure his relationship with you. I want you to end up with someone that will bring out the best in you.

There are few things sadder to me than a woman with a beautiful heart settling for a man that slowly deadens that heart over years of emotional neglect.

To prevent that, allow this list to impact your perception of men. Allow me to influence your perception of who is, and who is not worthy of your pursuit.

This list is in order, with number ten being the most important to your long term joy and satisfaction.

1. You would be proud to introduce him to people that care about you.

2. His life history suggests strong motivation for achievement. This will eventually pay off if, for example, he is still learning how to communicate well with women.

3. He has a face you find attractive.

4. He is willing to allow you to pursue your own interests and career. He sees your pursuits as equally important to his own.

5. You share the same basic beliefs about why humans exist and what our purpose is in life. choosing a lifelong partner

6. He communicates his thoughts well with words. You do not feel like you are pulling teeth when you try to get him to talk about his inner thoughts.

7. He shows a genuine desire to understand what makes you happy. He wants to know what you think about when you become quiet.

8. As you get to know him, you find his interest in you grows deeper and he shows loyalty and respect for the relationship even during (and after) arguments.

9. When apart, a thought about him makes you happy rather than worried or anxious.

10. When you are in his presence, you feel a natural desire to please him. He doesn’t bring out your competitive side or a desire to “prove yourself” in any way. This means you love him completely and you trust your heart in his hands.

I hope this list sparked some helpful thoughts or perspectives for you. Feel free to share it with people you care about.

James Bauer

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