How to spot a mature manYour intuition will be your guide to recognizing an emotionally mature man. Many women make the mistake of ignoring their intuition when they meet an attractive guy who shows interest in them.

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Beyond intuition, there are a few specific things you can look for to help you determine whether a guy is emotionally mature enough for a committed relationship.

Probably the easiest way you can tell is simply by looking at his friends. It’s not a foolproof indicator of maturity, but generally speaking, immature friends suggest he may be more immature than he lets on when interacting with you.

Want to find a man who is ready for marriage? Then look for a man whose friends have been getting engaged or married within the past year. It speaks to his stage of life, and statistics seem to suggest people are more likely to look for a serious commitment when their friends begin to tie the knot.

The reverse is true as well. A man whose friends are getting wasted in the corner, throwing spit balls at the waitress, and making lewd remarks about what might go on between you and this guy later… well, you can probably guess what that would suggest about his attitudes, even if he does not admit to them because he senses you are a woman of higher class.

Obviously it’s not always that clear. You may meet a person who was introduced to you by someone you respect, but you may still have questions about his emotional maturity.

Here’s a method for testing his emotional maturity as it applies to readiness and willingness to really make a relationship work with a woman he learns to love and respect. You simply talk about your own needs and desires when it comes to the kind of relationship you’re looking for. Then you wait to see how he responds.

An emotionally mature man will rise to the challenge. He will see merit in the discussion and show great interest in what you hope to find in a romantic relationship.

An immature man, on the other hand, will either show very little interest in what you said, or he will disappear (because he realizes you are a mature woman who knows what she wants and who is unlikely to be easily used).

How to spot a mature manAn emotionally mature man won’t mind you talking about what you’re looking for in a relationship, even when you have not even established one with him yet. Why, because he will be interested in the same topic. He will be hoping to find a woman who is emotionally mature and thinking about relationships seriously.

I’ve given you advice before about how to ask these kinds of personal questions. You talk in general terms about what you want to find in relationships. You don’t imply that you expect him to be the one who meets those needs. Then it’s up to him whether he will join you by revealing his own hopes regarding relationships.

I have one exception to this rule of speaking first about yourself. You should not announce that you are single. In this case, it’s better to ask him if he is single or in a relationship rather than announcing your own single status. It sounds funny to announce that you are single if it is not a response to his question.

The sooner you ask the less awkward it is. If you wait until you’ve met him for the third time and then ask if he is single, he is more likely to assume you are going somewhere with that question. When you just met someone, it carries much less weight. He then feels free to ask you the same question.

I hope these mini tutorials are helpful to you. I really do wish the best for you in your relationships! I’ll talk to you again soon. Until then, embrace everything wonderful in life with every chance that you get!


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