How to Make a Man Want You Just By Looking At Him?

Imagine this. A man is chatting with several other people at a social gathering. He glances over the shoulder of the guy talking when he notices a woman making eye contact with him from across the room.

He’s no longer listening to the guy talking about highlights from last night’s game. You own his full attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re his girlfriend or a woman he’s never met. Instincts kick in. All thoughts freeze for just a second while ancient human instincts force him to make a judgment about your intent.

He realizes you look sleepy. He realizes you’re staring through him with a glazed-over look on your face. His attention returns to the discussion about sports.


He locks eyes with you from across the room. You have a look of intensity in your eyes. You are fully alert and fully aware of what you are doing. This has a dramatically different effect on his pulse.

He glances down at his drink, swirls the ice cubes once, then takes a sip along with another glance across the room to check if you are still looking at him. There you are with a facial expression that would suggest indifference if it weren’t for the smoldering hot intensity of your persistent gaze.

Okay, I admit I’ve done some weird things in my life, but most of them were in pursuit of knowledge as a dating coach. I’m a guy, so you can imagine the strange looks I get from men when I ask them to tell me what they find attractive. I rarely get a straight answer, but my persistence has paid off.

I’m going to tell you one thing you can do to automatically turn on a guy’s interest.

As a dating coach for women, I have the advantage of being able to speak from personal experience regarding the effects certain techniques have on the desires and affections of men. Some time ago I was trying to decide what my own weak spot would be if a woman wanted to trip the attraction wires in my brain. I realized there was one thing in particular that would be hard to beat.

I asked quite a few men about it before realizing it was not my own personal fantasy at all. Rather, it is a universal thing that flips the switch of desire in a man’s brain if there is any chance of attraction at all.

It all comes down to eye contact. You know what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about normal eye contact. I’m talking about the kind of eye contact that has two ingredients, glue and intensity. He looks up to find your eyes glued to him with a look of deliberate and inviting temptation. Men find this intoxicating (maybe it’s their big egos).

There is intensity in the look on her face that suggests she is not just daydreaming. She is present. She is interested. It’s this feeling of being the target of someone’s intense interest that is so alluring.

It’s a green light signal that gets the imagination revved up. Where might this lead? He pictures various possible scenarios. All those mental pictures work in your favor. You’ve primed the pump of desire.

Obviously you have to be careful with this concept in real life. You can take it too far if you’re not careful. Nonetheless, the powerful effect is staggering. It can freeze a man’s mind midsentence at the moment when he suddenly realizes you are not going to look away.

Used in moderation, this technique can do wonders for a relationship you are already in, or one you’d like to get started. Eye contact can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Try spicing things up with your boyfriend by tracking his movements as he moves around the room when it’s just the two of you. When he asks what you’re doing (with a sheepish grin on his face), tell him the truth, “I’m making eyes at you.” You can’t even turn off this powerful effect by openly labeling it. If that’s a little too silly for you, say something like, “I find you very attractive. Why shouldn’t I look at you?”

Naturally, this is just an opening. There’s a lot more to the art of making a man want you. In fact, there are two layers of skill you can develop, each with several important components. Smoldering hot eye contact is a surface level skill.

The other layer has to do with developing irresistible qualities that are based on the foundations of your unique personality. One of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to compete for a man’s attention in generic ways. To really succeed, you have to embrace what makes you different.

One of the key advantages of embracing your own unique qualities is that you play the dating game on your own terms. It’s a part of an overarching strategy that frames you as the prize (in his mind). Instead of you trying to attract him, he ends up trying to attract you.

Developing irresistible qualities is the foundation of what I teach because you build your own self-esteem and happiness in the process of attracting the attention and desire you want.

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James Bauer

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