James Bauer’s Texting Tip of the Week

You’ve probably heard of “love languages” at this point. Right?

Words of affirmation. Touch. Acts of service. Gifts. Quality time.

They’re fine concepts. But how do you use them to win a guy’s affection?

Start here: Fine tune your powers of observation. 

Ask yourself, “What makes him feel loved?” You’ll start to see and hear the answer in different ways.

Complaints are great indicators: It bothers him when his friends flake. I bet ‘quality time’ makes him feel loved.

Pay attention to how he treats other people. Maybe he buys coffee for his co-workers every Monday morning. Gifts!

Sometimes he’ll drop a hint right in your lap. “I’m a hugger.”

So make plans to visit the botanical garden. Grab an extra pizza slice for him. And, when the time feels right, give him a hug.

If nothing else, he’ll pick up that you’re really listening. And attention is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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