How to Attract A Man

There are some things you ladies can do, right now, to catch his attention. Obviously, this list isn’t everything that works, but these are some well known techniques that will take you from the invisible woman, to his center stage.

  1. Confidence – Guys are drawn to confident women. Don’t be overbearing, but don’t be afraid. If you want to approach him, or change the subject while you’re talking, do it. He won’t see you if you are timid. Plus, your confidence will make you appear valuable (which you are), this will increase his interest in you.
  2. Be Positive – Positivity is linked to happiness, if you make him feel happy he will like to be around you. High quality people tend to shy away from negativity. No matter where you are, or what is happening, try to focus on the positive. Imagine a fire drill is you work. You are all standing outside waiting to get out of the summer heat. He is there, someone you want to become more familiar with. You could complain and gripe about the heat. Or consider a better approach, you could smile and say it’s nice to get outside and get some fresh air. The positive option will certainly attract a quality man. Do not become negative. Not towards the environment, not towards your friends, and especially not towards him.
  3. Dress to impress – We all have our own styles and our own looks. I can’t give you the one secret outfit that will attract a man, sorry it doesn’t exist. But I can suggest that taking some time to look good will pay off.
  4. Eye Contact – Glance at him frequently, let your eyes make contact, smile, and then look away. This is a great way to attract a man over to you. Eye contact will get his attention. He will notice your glances and it will pull him across the room to talk with you. Eye contact also leads to a smile.
  5. Smile – Smiling is a means of communication, through a smile we convey warmth and affection without saying a single word. A woman’s smile is attracting to a man. It will get his attention, show him you have interest, and invite him into conversation with you. Don’t be afraid to smile with him, and don’t be afraid to laugh.
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