how to make him notice youImagine stepping into an elevator with an attractive colleague. Someone you’ve noticed and wanted to get to know better. It’s just the two of you, and this is the second day in a row this has happened.

What are the odds?

It feels a bit like destiny leading you into each other’s lives. So, you make a casual comment to that effect. It catches his attention.

He replies with a smile and a laugh. Suddenly he’s looking at you differently. You’re on his radar now, and he’s much more likely to see all the good things about you he hadn’t noticed before.

What I just described is actually a powerful technique. The mere suggestion that a seemingly random event means something actually makes it mean something. In this case, the random event is being together on the elevator two days in a row, but it could be almost anything.

I call this approach the “destiny framework.” Here’s how it works.

Life can unfold a million different ways. So everything that happens, is (technically speaking) statistically unlikely. On top of that, sometimes it’s the small, unexpected things that completely alter the course of your whole life! Like bumping into someone you’re interested in on an elevator.

The moment someone points out all the little details that had to line up perfectly to bring you to where you are right now, it begins to feel like you were simply destined to be here. And that sense of destiny tends to open our eyes. It encourages us to look for the significant little things we might be missing.

You can use that very natural response to center his focus on you.

What’s more, putting this technique to work for you couldn’t be easier. Plus, it works with guys you’re just getting to know, as well as long-term, serious partners. To harness this power, you only have to remember three dead-simple steps.

1. Look for a random event that’s already occurred. Something small that helped build a connection between the two of you works best.

2. Point out the low odds of the event occurring exactly the way it did.

3. Casually hint at the possibility that destiny must have made it happen. Why else would such a statistically unlikely event occur?

I can’t stress the “casually” part enough. If you launch into a monologue about fate, you might scare him off.

We’re shooting for something way more subtle. All you have to do is call his attention to the fact that something unlikely brought the two of you together.

how to make him notice youWhen something shifts our perspective, even a little, it opens our eyes. Suddenly, we see all kinds of things we didn’t see before. When you use this technique, you’re helping him see you in ways he didn’t see you before.

Whether you believe in destiny or not, you have to admit that small things frequently have a big impact. Use that to your advantage. Help him see you for the amazing woman you are. Before long, he’ll be thinking about how lucky he is that circumstance brought you into his life.

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