James Bauer’s Texting Tip of the Week

Do you hate breaking up with people? Even if you know it’s not a good fit? 

Dating is a “trial and error” process.

Sure, it could lead to a magical love story. But most of the time, we simply learn why we don’t click.

And that’s okay!

Rejection never feels good. But we can move through the process with grace.

Follow these simple do’s and don’t s.


  • Be straightforward. Rip off the band-aid.
  • Answer questions and give feedback. 
  • If it feels comfortable, voice appreciation of your time spent together.
  • Say you want to be friends IF you really want that. 
  • Give each other time and space before making low-key plans.



  • Ghost him. This deprives him of closure. It’s peeling off the band-aid slowly and painfully.
  • Give away your boundaries. You’re not obligated to spend hours and hours explaining a breakup — especially if the relationship only lasted a short time.
  • Say you want to be friends when you don’t. It doesn’t soften the blow. It can actually feel insulting. Say you don’t want to be a block for the girl who is right for him.

Remember, every relationship that ends is a step toward the one that will last!

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