James Bauer’s Texting Tip of the Week

Do you read too much into texts? Have you agonized over a message that shows it as “Read” but with no reply?
This overanalysis might be hurting your chances at real connection.
When you start dating, talk about each other’s texting style. And be honest with yourself — and him.
Maybe you need a wellspring of texts to feel appreciated. You want to see a fresh message every time you check.
But some people simply don’t text much. Others take phone breaks to focus.
Some folks use emojis to express warmth. Others don’t — or can’t. Their phone may even be too outdated for current emojis!
Some workplaces even ban phone usage on the premises.
The point here is simple: Avoid the text-message worry cycle. Avoid reading too much into it or making negative assumptions.

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