Guy holds flower with woman.

Men have a primal need for adventure. It’s coded into our DNA.

Let me show you how to use that to your advantage when attracting his undivided attention.

One of the worst poisons men have brought upon is the boredom of a cubicle and a monotonous daily routine.

Men were not meant to live that way.

Have you ever been to a zoo and seen an elephant confined in a small indoor area during the winter, with a shackle around one ankle that drags the heavy chain a few inches back and forth as he sways in a sickly rhythm of boredom?

It’s kind of like that.

The sad part is, many men feel a desire for something more, but they don’t consciously realize what they need. They are only aware of a sensation of discontent.

Sometimes this discontent emerges as irritability. Sometimes it brings a feeling of apathy and mild depression.

He wasn’t meant to live that way.

As a result, any spark of adventure you bring into his life will be like a cool breeze on a sweltering summer day. There are a thousand ways you can bring this concept to life. Allow me to present just one to stimulate your imagination.

Janet sat down across from Jeffrey, flashing an adventurous half smile as the waiter seated her. Jeffrey had a sinking feeling as he considered whether Janet might be a little too excited for a first date, maybe a little desperate.

But as he watched her settle into her chair, he sensed something else. He adjusted his first impression from excited to happy. She seemed happy.

Couple enjoying date and drinks

Jeffrey realized he had held Janet’s gaze for a second too long before stammering for a way to begin a conversation. He stifled the impulse to ask what she was so happy about.

“Shall we have a contest?” He could tell she intended for him to take the bait before she would go on, so he obliged her, “Do you always start conversations this way? What kind of contest are you talking about?”

“A contest to see who can come up with the craziest, yet still realistic scenario for the rest of our evening after dinner.”

Janet leaned in slightly with a mischievous smile on her face, “I’d rather get to know you while doing something fun. If in the process of getting to know each other we realize we really don’t click, at least we will have a good story and some fun to show for an evening out.”

Jeffrey considered her proposal for a moment, wondering if she was serious. He was surprised that her easy way of openly talking about the possibility of not clicking actually made him feel more relaxed and ready to enjoy her company.

“And how do we actually do this?” he asked.

Janet shrugged with a casual tone, “If an idea pops in your head while we’re having dinner, just write it on your napkin. When we’re finished eating we’ll lay both the napkins face-up and decide which one would make for the best story or the most fun.”

This particular scenario could go a hundred different ways. How it plays out in real life will depend largely on your particular personality.

The point is Jeffrey will never forget this date. Regardless of what happens next, this couple is enjoying the adventure of endless possibilities.

Janet introduced those endless possibilities into Jeffrey’s mind. She created a link in his mind between her presence and a break from the mundane rituals of life.

If this doesn’t seem all that exciting to you, consider that you are not a guy. Men think differently.

If you learn how they think, you’ll be able to attract men at a deeper level than mere physical attraction. To learn more about these types of skills, and how energy and happiness affect men in particular, check out my presentation below.

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