5 Surprising Things Men Find Beautiful in Women

Magazines are full of pictures of beautiful women.

Women with perfect bodies. Women with glossy hair.

Women who look amazing, relaxed, and radiant.

You look at those pictures in magazines, then you look in the mirror.

And you wonder:

What do men see when they look at you?

You’re More Than Just an Image

We live in a media-drenched age where images are everywhere.

Which can lead you to believe that your attractiveness depends on your image…

Or that the only thing men care about is the shape of your body.

But men are smarter than that.

They enjoy looking at pictures of attractive women, but they much prefer being with a real, live woman who’s laughing and talking and responding to them.

An image on the screen can’t touch you.

An image on the screen can’t hang out with you.

Know where your true beauty lies.

It’s not the ability to look great on camera.

It’s the way you are with people.

And these 5 traits will instantly boost your attractiveness in his eyes.

1. Warmth

Emotional warmth is like catnip to men.

Men are drawn towards women who express fondness, affection, admiration, and genuine liking towards people.

They can’t get enough of those traits, because they’re so incredibly feminine.

The masculine world is competitive. Coolness is the name of the game.

When a man gets to rest and relax in the warm sun of a woman’s positive emotions, he feels cared for. He can let down his guard. There’s nothing he has to be or do to impress her.

Her emotional warmth fills him up, and he never wants to lose that feeling.

2. Enjoyment

It’s sad that the dating game teaches us to “Never show how you feel.”

You learn that you can’t show how much you like him. You have to play it cool.

But aloofness and absence of emotion are masculine traits.

What men want from women is the opposite.

They want to see a smile on a woman’s face.

They want to see her enjoy herself.

Her pleasure is a green light to ask her out again.

A man won’t be with someone if he doesn’t think he can make her happy.

So let him put that sparkle in your eye. It’s okay to let him see how much you enjoy him.

3. Curiosity

So many first dates are boring.

They feel like an interview where you’re talking at each other rather than with each other.

It can be hard to feign interest if the conversation is going nowhere.

And he can feel it. He shuts down. The date fizzles out.

Only highly-paid models get away with looking bored.

In real life, one of the things that makes a woman beautiful is taking a lively interest in everything around her.

Men open up when they feel that a woman is genuinely curious about them.

Her curiosity is evident in her body language. She leans forward. She holds his gaze. Her face is animated. Her questions make him think.

He never feels bored around her, because her interest in life is infectious.

4. Goofiness

Romcoms often feature a gorgeous yet goofy heroine whose pratfalls give the hero a chance to rescue her.

Maybe she’s a klutz, or incredibly naïve, or prone to mistakes.

Yet her blunders simply serve to make her even more desirable.

She’s not a perfect china doll to be set on the shelf and admired.

She’s real. She’s human. She’s fallible.

And she doesn’t mind if everyone around her knows it.

Men fall for women who embrace the humor in life’s misadventures. There’s nothing more gorgeous than a woman who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

5. Kindness

Kindness is beautiful.

Imagine you catch sight of a man you know helping an elderly woman cross the street. Instead of leaving her after he’s done, he stands with her and chats for a few minutes. You notice a huge smile beaming from her face.

Does he seem more attractive to you, now that you know he’s the kind of man to put a smile on a stranger’s face?

Both men and women look for kindness in their future partners.

Not only do they pay attention to how their date treats others, but they pay attention to how their date treats them when there’s conflict or a disagreement.

Kindness builds trust, and the people we can trust with our hearts become beautiful to us.

The more he gets to know you—your warmth, your pleasure, your curious mind, your humor, and your kindness—the more beautiful you become in his eyes.

So don’t hide the best part of yourself. Let him see your heart.

How you look may get you a second glance, but who you are makes you a beautiful person to spend a lifetime with.

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