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Male and female brains are different. Sometimes very different.

It all comes back to what happens in the womb. Before we’re even born, our brains begin to develop.

During this time, the male brain is powerfully influenced by the presence of testosterone.

Some men end up with a lot of very masculine tendencies, while others have fewer.Nonetheless, most guys think in fairly predictable ways.

If you’ve spent much time with a man who has a very masculine brain, you’ve likely noticed at least a couple of quirks.

But before I get to those, a word of caution.

While you might think of these as annoyances, it’s important to remember that his brain isn’t built like yours. When a guy exhibits one of these traits, he’s not being stubborn, rude or unsympathetic. He’s just using his brain the way it was made!

That said, here are five mysteries of the male brain that may leave you scratching your head:

  1. He doesn’t notice things. You hang a holiday wreath on the front door. He walks in through that door. You ask him what he thinks of the new wreath and he has to walk back outside to look at it. He didn’t even see it on the way in!
  2. He craves control. Even when you’re just watching TV together, it’s critical that he has possession of the remote. It’s like the experience is diminished if you’re holding it. What’s more, he may end up just flipping through channels in an unending quest to make sure he’s not missing something better.
  3. He’s too solution-oriented. You come home after a hard day at work. He listens to you vent for a bit. Sensing that you’re anxious, but failing to understand that you really just want to share your feelings, he immediately starts trying to “solve the problem.” You want support, but he’s all about finding a solution.
  4. He misses what you just said. You’re the only two people in the room. You say something. He misses it completely, even though he may have nodded or said, “Sure.” His attention was simply somewhere else.
  5. He has a one-track mind. He can be so focused on the computer, the TV or a book that he gets irritated when you try to talk to him. You end up having to interrupt him several times just to be heard. And when you finally get his attention, he’s visibly annoyed.

Some of those scenarios are kind of funny. Some of them are down-right irritating. But I’m not sharing this list with you to pick on men.

Instead, I’m trying to call attention to the fact that men and women are fundamentally different in some ways. And some of those differences are what attract us to one another!

The yin and yang of human gender is what draws us together. When we learn to work with those differences instead of bucking against them, a beautiful balance is created.

Don’t beat your guy over the head for thinking like a man. Yes, he may hog the remote. He may miss something you literally just said. He may even fail to notice the new painting you hung in his apartment as an early Christmas present. But there’s one huge benefit.

If you understand how a man thinks, you can pull on his heartstrings like no other woman in his life.

As a dating and relationship coach, it’s my privilege to share with you one secret of the male mind that can addict him to you forever.

It’s a quirk of the male mind causes him to be obsessed with a particular need. I’m talking about a relationship need that makes him feel like a man. It’s something most men don’t even realize they want.

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