10 Reasons Why Your Ex Keeps Texting You After The Breakup

Why is he doing this?

He’s still calling and texting you, even though he’s the one who broke up with you.

He said he didn’t want a relationship. So why is he acting as if you’re still in one?

Could it be that he’s missing you?

Does he regret breaking up with you?

Does he want you back?

In just a moment, I’ll share the 10 reasons why your ex keeps texting you after the breakup…

But first I want you to think about how his texting is affecting YOU.

Are you finding it hard to forget about him and move on?

Does each text from him create a spark of hope that you might get back together again?

Does it almost feel like you’re still in a relationship?

When an ex stays in contact with you after a breakup, it limits your sense of closure.

You’re left in this ambiguous space where you’re not sure how things stand.

He said he didn’t want a relationship, but his behavior says otherwise.

Which do you believe: what he said or what he’s doing?

It’s confusing. You don’t know whether to feel happy he still wants to talk to you or angry that he broke up with you.

You don’t know whether you should move forward with your life or whether he’s about to change his mind and say he wants to get back together again.

What you need is clarity.

And these 10 reasons might shed some light on what is happening.

10 Reasons Your Ex Isn’t Letting Go

There are a lot of reasons that guys don’t let go after a breakup.

1. He’s keeping a door open because he feels guilty.

The one who initiates the breakup always feels like the bad guy. Especially if the person they’re breaking up with is super sweet and nice! Acting like you’re still friends can go a long way towards assuaging his guilt.

2. He’s keeping a door open in case you’d be open to sleeping together again.

Wanting to sleep with you means he still desires you, but it doesn’t mean he wants you back.

3. He’s keeping a door open because he can’t break the habit of talking to you.

When you’ve been part of each other’s life for so long, it’s really hard to stop all contact. He’s used to talking to you. You’re still the first person he thinks of when he sees something funny or something happens to him.

But continuing to have contact gives you the illusion that you’re still together even though you’re not. It keeps both of you from moving on.

4. He’s keeping a door open because he wants that female support and connection but he hasn’t met anyone else yet.

We Men can feel adrift when we don’t have a woman in our lives. By breaking up with you, he’s gained the freedom to meet someone new, but finding a new partner isn’t easy. Staying in contact with you gives him the benefits of a relationship without any of the responsibilities.

5. He’s keeping a door open because he has a habit of staying friends with his exes.

Some guys make an effort to leave all their relationships on friendly terms. It makes life easier, especially if you share friends in common.

6. He’s keeping a door open because he gets an ego boost from your love.

It’s hard to turn your back on love. When he told you he didn’t want to be with you, he was walking away from a heart that was true. Staying in contact with you allows him to enjoy your devotion without any obligations.

7. He’s keeping a door open because he lacks the courage to close it.

It’s really hard to completely cut off contact with someone who desperately wants to be with you. Not all men have the strength to do it. A man who lacks the courage will stay in contact with you then resent you for it.

8. He’s keeping a door open because he misses you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the one who wanted to break up or not. You will still miss the other person. You’ll still have good memories. Feeling nostalgic for the good times is not the same as wanting to get back together again.

9. He’s keeping a door open because he’s not sure he made the right decision.

Not everyone walks away from a relationship with a clear sense that they’re doing the right thing. More often, there are reasons to stay and reasons to leave. It’s unclear which reasons carry the most weight.

10. He’s keeping a door open because he thinks there’s a possibility you’ll get back together someday.

Sometimes guys break it off because the timing isn’t right. They like you, they enjoy being with you, and they hope that staying in contact will create the possibility of rekindling the flame at a later date.

Will staying in contact with your ex increase the chances of you getting back together?

Yes, but at a cost.

Remaining in contact with him shows him that he can have all the benefits of your company without any of the responsibilities of a relationship.

Letting him experience life without you is one way to show him what he gave up when he ended things.

If you go that route, be polite, but be firm. You’re moving on.

Maybe someday your paths will cross again, but right now it’s time for you both to look towards the future.

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