Relationships are the biggest source of meaning for most people. But is it okay if you want more?

As a dating and relationship coach, you’d be surprised how often I get into conversations with my clients about work life. Why? Because it’s hard to be energized and full of life when your work drains you of excitement.

I want you to feel energized and full of life.

How? By having more to look forward to. When you’re excited about what’s coming next in your life, your energy naturally rises.

It’s simple really. Think of it like this. When you have things to look forward to, your brain is designed to release feel-good hormones and chemicals to spur you toward that future.

In contrast, when you dread what’s coming next (like a Monday morning commute), your energy naturally plummets.

The narrative running in the background of your thoughts influences the amount of life energy you have available. So let me ask you…

Would you like to have more energy?

If so, I wonder if you have ever considered a business of your own. Or maybe taking a side business and turning it into your full-time source of income.

You see, increased energy is just one of the reasons I cheer for those who take an interest in entrepreneurship. It makes life so exciting! You become the master of your own destiny.

Whether you want more time freedom, the ability to choose your coworkers, or just the excitement of making lots of money, entrepreneurship can be exhilarating.

In fact, the journey itself releases energy. Because everything you do takes on greater purpose.  

So if you are an entrepreneur, or looking for ways to become one, I’ve put together a list of three life-changing tips that can make you more successful no matter what kind of business you ultimately choose.

  1. Create a Vision You Would Feel Proud of Even If You Failed.

This way, you get to feel happy even before you reach your goals. If you accomplish your goals, it’s just icing on the cake.

Most entrepreneurs try to motivate themselves by thinking about how great life will be once they have a mansion, a yacht, and a fancy car. Others motivate themselves by thinking about their worst fears and how hard they will work to avoid those fearful scenarios.

I don’t like either approach. If you’re miserable on the path to success, then there’s no way you can succeed. Because life is the path. Holding your breath for a “someday” result is failure.

But something interesting happens the moment we set a big, beautiful goal that represents what we feel inspired to pursue.

You see, working from a place of inspiration is not about fear or longing for a different life. Instead, it’s a beautiful path that allows life to flow through you.

If you choose to be an entrepreneur, I invite you to try this path for yourself. You’ll be surprised to find that you can actually move toward your goals more quickly when you’re not afraid to fail.

Because you are already enjoying the journey, you try things and go after bigger goals with no fear of the letdown that happens to those who build their life around “someday” goals.

2. Work toward Milestones.

Break down your big goals into milestones. That’s the secret to perpetual motivation. It also prevents you from veering off track.

Psychologists tell us that we are most motivated by things that have an immediate payoff or consequence. The further out a reward becomes, the less motivating it feels.

That’s why it’s so much easier to give in to a moist bite of dessert (20 seconds away) than it is to hold out for an eventual weight loss goal that could take several months or more to achieve.

So how can we get human nature to work for us instead of against us? The solution is to break down your goals into milestones you’ll pause to celebrate.

And here’s the key. You must plan the celebration in advance. Make your celebration something you really want even if it’s just a short break to do something fun.

Pausing to look back at the progress you’ve made keeps you motivated, and small chunks of work will bring the finish line closer. This is a recipe for higher energy.

3. Increase Feelings of Certainty

Business is full of uncertainty. And if you constantly feel out of control, the anxiety can really get you down.

To combat this, face uncertainties head-on to take back control. Here’s how…

When you feel divided about a decision, or the future is difficult to see, choose a point in time when you will come back to the decision or planning process. In the meantime, put all your focus in one direction. Then focus on an outcome you can control.

When there are unknown variables that could have a huge impact on your business, the common mistake is to freeze like a deer caught in the headlights. Instead, you’re going to choose a specific period of time to act as if you already have the information you need.

Success in business comes from execution, not from endless contemplation. So when you’re not sure which direction to go, take action.

Choose one direction that could end up being the wrong direction and go for it. In the long run, this habit will pay off by creating momentum and reducing feelings of uncertainty.

Mark your calendar with a day when you will re-examine your decision so that you can put it out of your mind the time being.

Now that you know my three tips for increasing the energy you bring to your work, it’s time to become unstoppable. Get out there and make things happen! The world needs your contribution.

Always on your side,


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