5 Things Your Ex Needs to Know Before Getting Back Together

When relationships end, they end for a reason.

Reasons such as…

  • Feeling distant from one another
  • Feeling like you’re not on the same page
  • Fighting a lot
  • Feeling like you can’t trust your partner anymore

Even when you know a relationship isn’t working, it can be really hard to let go.

Half of couples who break up have mixed feelings about it.

They know why they want to end it, but there are reasons to stay, too.

Reasons like…

  • Hoping the other person will change
  • Having invested so much in the relationship
  • Feeling like you depend on the other person
  • Dreading the experience of being single again

That’s good news for anyone who can’t stop hoping they’ll get back together.

If you are one of those people, there’s a 1 in 2 chance that your ex feels ambivalent about your breakup.

He’s decided it’s not working, but he’s not sure it’s the right decision.

And that uncertainty is incredibly uncomfortable for him.

He may treat you poorly in hopes of getting a reaction from you, a reaction that will help him justify ending the relationship.

He may cut off all contact so he doesn’t have to be reminded of the feelings he still has for you.

He may numb himself by throwing himself into work or over-exercising or partying or drinking, anything that keeps him from thinking about what he’s just done.

Meanwhile, your heart is hurting.

You still think there’s hope for the two of you. You don’t know why he gave up so soon.

You want him to listen to that voice inside telling him he made a mistake.

But how do you do it?

5 Messages You Need to Convey

If you want your ex to listen to his doubts and reconsider his decision, you need to create space for him to do that.

He can’t miss you if you’re still in his life.

He needs to experience your absence.

He needs to feel that you respect his decision and no longer attempt to stay involved.

He needs to experience the freedom of being on his own again. He also needs to see that you have embraced that freedom, too.

And maybe, just maybe, the reasons he broke up with you will seem ridiculous after a few months.

You can improve your odds by conveying these 5 messages to him.

1. You have accepted his decision.

Perhaps the biggest way exes shoot themselves in the foot is by not accepting their partner’s decision to leave the relationship.

He needs to know that you respect his decision. He has the right to decide how he will live his life, even if you wish he’d chosen differently.

You do not see yourself as his girlfriend anymore. You accept that you no longer have emotional influence over him. You have moved on.

Which brings us to #2…

2. You’ve moved on with your life.

You’ve embraced the freedom that comes with being single.

You’ve given yourself permission to do all those things that you didn’t do, or weren’t able to do, when you were one-half of a couple.

You are looking ahead and exploring what your future holds. You are trying new things. You are leaning on your social network. You’re even dipping a toe into dating.

3. You miss him.

Despite all this, there’s a part of you that misses him.

You’re not embarrassed of it. It’s normal, after you’ve been in a relationship that long.

You can admit that you still have feelings without making too much of those feelings. There will always be a part of us that loves our ex. That doesn’t mean we can’t move on with someone else.

This piece is vital if you want to leave an opening for him.

If he thinks you hate him, or you’re glad you’re no longer together, or you no longer feel anything for him at all, then he won’t think there’s anything between you anymore.

4. It won’t get emotionally messy if you talk to each other.

What’s holding him back from talking with you is the fear that it will get emotionally messy.

A lot happened between you. There were things said that probably shouldn’t be said. He worries that you have lingering resentments.

So, if you do end up in contact again, remember:

He doesn’t want it to get weird. He doesn’t want to rehash the past. He wants you to feel normal and okay with each other again.

5. He gets to keep his self-respect.

A lot of women dream about their ex coming back to them on their knees, begging.

But if that’s your fantasy, know that it could be pushing him away.

He doesn’t want to have to humble himself just to get back with you. He’s not interested in further humiliation.

If he ends up taking the first steps toward reconciliation, treat him with as much respect and dignity as you did when you first got together.

Don’t bring the baggage of the past to the present. This is a new start.

And, with any luck, it could be the beginning of something beautiful.

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