Hi James,

I read your, "His Secret Obsession" and I would like to say thank you. I did not end up getting the guy I wanted. He was my ex and after we broke up I thought he still wanted me just as much as I wanted him. We didn't end it on bad terms, so as I tried to become stronger and better myself, I always hoped that energy would lead me to him. Now I see that everyday I tried so hard to get closer to him, he chose to move on. And in my moral opinion, I can't be with a guy who doesn't try as hard as I do or love as hard as I do. I have loved and waited for this guy for so long and hoped that he would be able to see me in a different light and when he finally did, it wasn't enough for him, instead he chose another woman.

When I finally was able to contact him and get to know him, I realized that he's not the guy that I fell in love with anymore. He had changed and so had I. I can't go back to someone who doesn't match up to my love. This whole time I thought he loved me just as much as I loved him, I thought he was working hard to find me as well, but we chose to take different paths. I chose self-love, he didn't.

I realized through your teachings that this guy was not good enough for me and if I used these tips on him it would have been wrong. I'll admit it, I so badly wanted him back at one point that I didn't care how rude he was to me or that he didn't care for me anymore, and I was going to use what I learned for my own selfish gain. But my heart always stopped me from making the wrong choice. I'd rather use your teachings to make the right person happy. I'd rather use it to fulfill harmony and peace with someone who tries just as hard as I try. My greatest challenge right now is mending my broken heart and making myself into a better person not for a guy, but for me.

Thank you for everything you taught me. I truly appreciate it and use it for good.