Thank you. Again. I'm finding that the information you share is accurate and so helpful. I started out as my smart, cynical self who's already read all the self-help books, thinking I'd quickly find a reason to dislike it and cancel, but no. I've paid for two of your courses and now these ongoing free emails provide excellent reinforcement--they are not lame at all. Even when it's stuff I may have read or thought about myself before, your takes often give me new perspective or practical ways to apply it.

I am in my mid-50s, and enjoying a great, really fun relationship where we've been doing exactly what you've suggested today: bringing each other happiness! I know some of your tips have helped me keep things going with this guy (two years and going strong) who a few years prior to meeting me, had decided he'd be a "solo traveler". But I was irresistible and now he knows: life is much sweeter with me. It's great to be older and wiser, taking it nice and easy and happy, happy.

Keep up the good work; I am a fan.