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Discover everything you need to start raking in up to 90% comissions on some of the highest converting offers in the women’s relationship market.

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Hi, I’m Jordan Hall, Marketing Manager here at Blink Publishing.


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Bob Grant

We know how hard our affiliates work so now we’re offering up to 90% commission on our entire funnel.


There is very few if any other offers that give 90% commission across the entire funnel, but we want to make it easy for you to see those commission dollars in your bank.


Our affiliates have earned over $7,196,950 in commissions in just the last two years promoting our products!


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Because at, you won’t find any flat offers.

Wow, HSO has been the highest converting affiliate offer that we’ve promoted to our women’s dating/relationships lists in the last 2 years! Upsells are taken up very highly also. EPCs are over $1.50 which is phenomenal these days.

Highly recommended!

Mark Ling

Our relationship expert James Bauer is constantly researching and developing the most effective, cutting-edge relationship advice based on what women are currently asking for…


And they are chomping at the bit to get their hands on these offers, which means HUGE commissions for you, low refund rates and happy customers.


We believe the key to making the highest profits possible for both of us, is by helping as many women as possible improve their relationships and find the love and happiness they deserve.


From there, our marketing team puts their blood, sweat, and tears into crafting the highest converting sales funnel for each and every product.


In creating His Secret Obsession we dedicated thousands of hours and over $973,450 (yeah, nearly a million bucks) on testing and refining the conversion process.

Guys, I did an early offer of [His Secret Obsession] as well and happy to say that it did over 1.59 EPC to my list… Upsells were fantastic at 78% of initial sales.

Highly recommended!

Carlos Xuma

And to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table, we are constantly updating and perfecting our affiliate tools to maximize your profits.


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His secret obsession is one of the highest converting females offers I’ve mailed to my list. I saw a very consistent 7% conversion rate including a crazy high upsell uptake of almost 60%. This has to be the very elite offers in terms of conversions that I’ve promoted in the recent past. If you like money, you’ve got to promote this.

Sunny Arora

These super affiliates are sharing their best tips, tricks, and experiments for driving more traffic to your offers. And that’s not all…


We’ve also got a secret Facebook group where you can ask us or the group questions, network with other affiliates, and get inspired for your next promotion.


Plus, at the end of the day we can all feel good knowing that we are helping women find real solutions to their most painful relationship issues and experience life-changing results.


Here’s just a few of the commission boosting affiliate tools we offer to any affiliate promoting Beirresisitible products.

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Top Relationship Affiliate Products

His Secret Obsession

by James Bauer

His Secret Obsession has helped thousands of women improve their relationships, and in the process paid out millions in affiliate commissions.

And “His Secret Obsession” is already seeing incredibly HIGH conversions.

The reason this offer converts to almost any female traffic is that any woman who doesn’t have a perfect relationship will want to know about this! This is the answer they’ve been looking for.

Product Price: $47

Your Commissions: 75-90% of front AND back end sales. You can make up to $180.71 per customer!

Target Audience: Women

Bottom line: You can fully expect this to be a blockbuster promotion for you!

This program has helped thousands of women improve their relationships and in the process paid out over $1.7 million to affiliates just like you.

What Men Secretly Want is a comprehensive relationship and dating guide for women that reveals the power of the “Respect Principle” and how to use it to become truly irresistible to a man.

Product Price: $47

Your Commissions: 75-90% of front AND back end sales. You can make up to $116.25 per customer!

Target Audience: Women

The Relationship Rewrite Method is an ultra high-converting Ex-Back program designed exclusively for women.

It helps women solve one of the most gut-wrenching relationship situations: Getting broken up with.

The Relationship Rewrite Method presents a revolutionary approach to fixing relationship, because it works across the full spectrum of troubles, from the man who goes cold after a bad fight, all the way to the full-scale, catastrophic breakup.

And this bigger range of solutions means more conversions for you!

Product Price: $47

Your Commissions: 75-90% of front AND back end sales. You can make up to $180.71 per customer!

Target Audience: Women

Bottom line: You can fully expect this to be a blockbuster promotion for you!

Thanks again for looking over our relationship affiliate program. We’re excited to work with you.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]