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  • Create Relational Balance

    Create Relational Balance

    It’s no fun when you realize you’re doing more for him than he’s doing for you. He could give as much as you’re giving in the relationship. It’s not that he can’t. It just seems like he’s not willing. And … Continue reading
  • Three Questions to Get Him Talking

    Three Questions to Get Him Talking

    Glennon Melton is a speaker and a New York Times bestselling author. Said another way, she’s someone who knows how to put words to good use. In spite of that, she used to make the same mistake many of us … Continue reading
  • One Relationship Risk You Should Take

    One Relationship Risk You Should Take

    Jill just finished a one-on-one review with her boss. She’s venting to a friend in the break room. Her boss gave her some criticism. He said she’s not “applying herself.” But she’s frustrated because she simply doesn’t know if putting … Continue reading

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