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  • How to Find Common Ground Fast

    How to Find Common Ground Fast

    Finding common ground is one of the fastest ways to build a feeling of warmth. It’s how we establish familiarity with people we’ve just met. It’s also a surprisingly good way to restore feelings of connection with an existing partner. … Continue reading
  • Why Your Flirting Style Matters

    Why Your Flirting Style Matters

    Which style of flirting do you use most? Research at the University of Kansas with more than 10,000 people revealed five distinct flirting styles. It turns out the type of flirting you use can influence the types of relationships you … Continue reading
  • The art of “exclusive” flirting

    The art of “exclusive” flirting

    What’s the difference between “broadcast” flirting and “exclusive” flirting? Broadcast flirting is on display for everyone to see. When a woman uses broadcast flirting, everyone around can see what she’s up to. For example, when Debbie laughs at all of … Continue reading

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