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  • “I’m Too Damaged” 2 Reasons to Believe Him

    “I’m Too Damaged” 2 Reasons to Believe Him

    If a guy tells you he’s too damaged, too depressed, or too anything else, take him at his word. Do you remember that Cold Play song, “Fix You?” The chorus said, “Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, … Continue reading
  • The Shadow in Your Relationship

    The Shadow in Your Relationship

    Janice wasn’t trying to snoop. She was just looking up movie times. Her phone was in her purse in the other room, so she grabbed Brad’s. But before she could fire up his browser and do a quick internet search, … Continue reading
  • The Healing Phrase

    The Healing Phrase

    I once sat with a couple during their argument. She was upset, and she let him have it. She accused him of several hurtful mistakes. When she paused, he admitted he’d screwed up and said, “I’m sorry.” She looked at … Continue reading

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