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  • Getting Unstuck

    Getting Unstuck

    You want to spend more time with him. He says he loves you and wants to spend more time with you too. But he’s not making any adjustments to his schedule. No matter how many times you talk to him … Continue reading
  • Deeper Intimacy in Five Minutes

    Deeper Intimacy in Five Minutes

    Remember the last time you were talking to someone and felt like they weren’t listening at all? It happens to me more often than I like. Sometimes I’ll say something totally outlandish just to see if they react. It’s surprising … Continue reading
  • All Still

    All Still

    I used to know an older couple who refused to make any big decision without “sleeping on it” first. Whether booking a trip, or buying a car, or overseeing their investments, they always talked about it one day and made … Continue reading

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