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  • Anger should be released (but only in certain ways)

    Anger should be released (but only in certain ways)

    Is it better to channel your anger into productive communication, or just go to your bedroom and scream into a pillow before slugging it a few times? For a couple of decades psychologists thought you needed to “release your anger,” … Continue reading
  • Why Guys Are Getting Sloppy

    Why Guys Are Getting Sloppy

    “I’ve seen men put more effort into finding a movie to watch on Netflix Instant than composing a coherent message to ask a woman out,” said Anna Goldfarb, 34, an author and blogger in Moorestown, N.J. A typical, annoying query … Continue reading
  • Romantic Friends

    Romantic Friends

    Shortly after meeting each other, Harry turns to Sally and declares, “You realize of course that we could never be friends.” “Why not?” Sally asks. Harry continues: “What I’m saying is—and this is not a come-on in any way, shape … Continue reading

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