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Hi James

Can I just say I am so happy that I sign up for your book and emails.

I have always been a positive person and I definitely feel you have to work on being happy and surround yourself with positive people.

Thanks for the emails and the advice.

Best Regards

Laura B

I have to say James, I have seen a few of these sites and I am impressed by your generosity and compassion. I truly get the feeling that you are interested in not only making connections, but healing souls..

I am not sure which the man I am intrigued with is...butyou are helping me get closer to understanding more than any other "coach" has.

Thank you

With Great Respect


I have to say James I was a bit skeptical at first when I was starting this program of yours. I'm married have been for 12 years, this is a second marriage for both of us. Your words on respect are SPOT ON! He has done a complete turn around since I started talking to him in a different way. WOW to be honest I was upset with myself at first because we really could not afford for me to spend the money on the program. But it has saved my marriage (so far) I hope in the long run forever. Just wanted to take a minute to tell you thanks!



Thanks for such powerful, tremendous and thoughtful guidance.

This speaks to my heart, because I greatly value depth and strong foundations (as many of us do, at heart).

The beauty of what you share is guiding a process that's both beautiful, intentional and practical..because this feels like the exquisite work it takes to weave real intimacy.

(Why am I reminded of the care with which bower birds build their nests?)

Thank you so much.