James, Hi and thank you. Getting unstuck, can have different degrees of difficulty, as you know. First it depends on how deeply you have been dug in, and the amount of destruction that must be undone. I know that people think that it should be easy for me to get unstuck, but, they have not walked in my shoes. I am doing my best. If only I had never made mistakes. So sorry. I have not one, but several situations to deal with all at once. I am dealing with them one at a time. One important factor is the amount of support that one has and without all of you, I would have none, so please, please, accept my heartfelt THANK YOU. Sincerely. You are all wonderful. If one has support in life, they can accomplish anything. Without support, it is very difficult. I am working on getting out of debt, working on trying to find a second form of income, trying to maintain my role as a mother and grandmother without letting on to my children that anything is out of kilter, trying to survive a job which is extremely stressful and where I deal with a lot of unfair judgment and many strong personalities. The fact that I have no one to talk to and no money to work with certainly adds to the complexity. You all have helped me tremendously. You will never know how much I have looked forward to receiving emails from you and have appreciated learning from all the information that you have sent. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to repay you in some way. I am very blessed in that I have the most beautiful children and grandchildren and know that God gives second chances! Thank you for all that you do. You are all amazing. Pam