Oh my goodness - THIS WORKS!!!! I have always struggled with being able to speak my mind when I have feelings for someone. I can do it when I am calm, but not when I am in the 'feeling' moment. So right after reading this last night, I had my an old fling that had stood me up and I never heard from again, text me. I was able to respond back not with venom, but with, this is how I felt when you did that. (not is a mushy way) and the responses were amazing. I got closure and I said my peace. Then I have another guy that I am dating that is VERY casual, almost too much who was pushing back getting together again. So, the first few times he did this, I either didn't respond, or I was 'light' about it, not wanting to appear clingy. Tonight, I said how it made me feel and that his actions and words were not lining up and it was confusing me. And STOPPED THERE. That is the hard part. ACK! Got a date next week. ha! Ninette