James (and his team?),

Just a quick note to thank you. I’ve been married for 6 years now, and my husband and I come from military backgrounds. After his most recent deployment he came home different, and not in a good way. Let me be honest, it was bad...silent house, minimal intimacy, filed for paperwork at one point-bad...we moved and reorganized priorities after that, but he still pulled away and often in his head.

I learned about minimizing and focusing on myself at that point, spent a lot of time reading and introspection and trying new things. It seemed to help some because the fighting and silence went down but it still wasn’t much fun.

I got your program a week or so ago (excellent marketing by the way, I was pleased), and decided to start with the 11-word text for a situation I was having at work. No kidding, he called me in four minutes. I spent two or three minutes on the phone, thanked him for his insights and went on my way.

I’ve been steadily reading through my purchases and recently decided to ask him about his work situation. He expressed his frustrations and so I switched and asked him what his dream life would be based on your recommendations on how to phrase the question.

TWO HOURS LATER...he values freedom, appreciation, and mastery of his skills. It was one of the most insightful times I have had to listen to my beloved.

Subsequently, he’s now looking at a new job, he starts explaining the concepts to me today and I replied by reiterating how this job might meet his needs for freedom and appreciation. He. Lit. Up.

I told him I had his back and that I respected his courage to pursue a life of provision through his dreams. Big sweet kiss earned for that one!!

In all, it’s not perfect, but we are improving where it counts. I have a significantly improved appreciation for connecting with my handsome and wanted to say thank you for the multiple resources. Worth every penny!

Have a wonderful evening,