Ever since I bought your programs, I have been trying to apply your wonder advice into my marriage, and it has caused some very hilarious moments!

You see, I am NOT used to having my husband's help in the kitchen, and lately, he loves to help me in the kitchen! And I get so distracted by him being in there, flustered!… That I make every mistake I possibly could! So to all you women out there… Avoid using a sieve when your man starts hanging out in your kitchen... I tend to make a lot of mistakes with that stupid thing when my husband is around.

My husband asked me, “Why am I in the kitchen all the time lately?” He couldn't figure out what was drawing him there… I know though… It was ME! I wanna thank you James for your kind heart and sharing this incredible information with us women! You should make a new law, that before any man gets married, they gotta tie your program around their necks for their brides… Like an instruction manual… That would be very helpful for all women out there!!

And I forgot to mention, I have been married for 17 years to this man… Who didn't like my kitchen area…. Lol