I'm basing this email on the positive imagery that James has talked about. I've been seeing someone off and on, someone I'm completely taken with.
I kept hitting snags in going forward with the relationship because of my past relationship failures and fears of being taken advantage of etc. The latest snag had us not communicating at all. It took me two weeks to get the courage to call him and I kept practicing positive imagery. Well I left a very positive message on Friday afternoon, by Saturday evening I was falling apart, feeling sure that I would never see this man again. On Sunday afternoon I received a message back that he had been out of the country and was looking forward to seeing me again. By Monday morning I was in his arms again with him joining me at the beach, going out for lunch etc. We spent 2 whole days together and our time was filled with sweetness, joy and laughter. And it would have never happened if I had not practiced positive imagery before I left that message.

Thank you James!!