Coaching Terms and Conditions

We support safe internet practices, and respond quickly to questions and concerns. One of Be Irresistible’s goals is to provide a safe, straight-forward, and clear internet experience for its visitors.

We have therefore designed our coaching terms and conditions to be clear, straight forward and legally binding. Please read over our coaching terms and conditions below, if you have any questions about these coaching terms and conditions, please contact us or write to us at:

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Last modified: December 20, 2013

What We Hope To Achieve

What we are aiming to achieve is a win-win scenario in which we both walk away from our interactions feeling good about our interactions. Knowing what to expect in advance helps with that.

Terms of Coaching

You (the client) consent to receive life coaching services from Blink Publishing, LLC. However, you maintain full responsibilities for your choices and actions in your relationship. Both parties agree that the services rendered will be relationship coaching and not psychotherapy or medical care. You agree that these life coaching services may be provided by James Bauer, by members of his life coaching team, or by both depending on the difficulty and complexity of the questions. You must be 18 years or older to utilize our website and coaching services.

Confidentiality and Limitations of Internet and Online Software Programs

The most important thing to understand about consultation that does not occur in person is that there could be security risks to the confidentiality of our communication due to the inherent risks of using technology like the internet and email.

If you choose to engage in consultation through any of these mediums, you are accepting those risks and you hold Blink Publishing, LLC and its owners and employees harmless for any possible damages that could occur because of the privacy problems that are possible when using those mediums of communication. We will do our best to maintain your privacy by safeguarding the coaching data during storage and disposal.

If you elect for email coaching, you agree to allow us to use these coaching sessions for the purpose of training the coaching staff of Blink Publishing, LLC. You agree not to create, publish, distribute or sell training from our coaching services.

Potential Emergency Situations

If an event arises where your life or the life of someone else is in serious jeopardy, we may take actions with the intent of protecting you or others from eminent harm. If we feel you are at a significant risk of situations requiring emergency care, we will ask you to find a local, licensed, mental health treatment provider or emergency medical provider, and we will assist you with advice on doing that. In that situation we would not continue to provide consultation or relationship coaching to you.


In the event that you wish to stop the coaching and request a refund, you must understand and agree that we may give you a full or partial refund at our own discretion. If we give you a partial refund it will be calculated according to the amount of time you have been in the coaching, regardless of use. For example, if you have been in the coaching for one month and you paid for three months of coaching, we may only refund 2/3 of your payment since you were in the coaching for one of the three months.

We reserve the right to stop offering coaching to new customers at any time. We also reserve the right to stop coaching a paid customer during the agreed coaching period for any reason. However, if we choose to stop coaching a paying client we will provide a full refund to that client.

Updating Terms and Conditions

We may update these Coaching Terms and Conditions by posting a new version on this webpage. We will update the date (at the top of the page) to make you aware that changes have occurred.

You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any new changes.

Website Terms and Policies

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you must also agree to our general website terms and conditions and privacy policy.