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Bob Grant

Wow, HSO has been the highest converting affiliate offer that we’ve promoted to our women’s dating/relationships lists in the last 2 years! Upsells are taken up very highly also. EPCs are over $1.50 which is phenomenal these days.

Highly recommended!

Mark Ling

Guys, I did an early offer of [His Secret Obsession] as well and happy to say that it did over 1.59 EPC to my list… Upsells were fantastic at 78% of initial sales.

Highly recommended!

Carlos Xuma

His secret obsession is one of the highest converting females offers I’ve mailed to my list. I saw a very consistent 7% conversion rate including a crazy high upsell uptake of almost 60%. This has to be the very elite offers in terms of conversions that I’ve promoted in the recent past. If you like money, you’ve got to promote this.

Sunny Arora

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