4 Myths About Men
Most Women Believe

Discover what they are & why believing
them could ruin your love life & self-esteem!

It may surprise you to learn that if you are like most women certain “pre-
conceived notions” that you have about men are not only wrong …

But could actually be ruining your love life AND your self-esteem!

It’s true. Believing these MYTHS can make you feel pressured, worried and
inadequate. Believing these myths could also make you think that no man
would ever fall in love with who you really are.

Don’t Fall for the Lies!

Once you know the real truth and see these myths for what they actually are – that is complete fabrications unsupported by data – you can finally start to understand how attraction between men and women really works.

Suddenly, dating will become fun and easy instead of difficult and anxiety-
producing. Plus, your chances for experiencing success in your love
life will skyrocket!

Hi, I’m Amy Waterman and in my new mini-course I tackle four myths about men that are right now making women’s lives much harder and stressful than they need to be.

A loving relationship shouldn’t feel like a constant hustle. You should
be able to trust a man and not feel insecure that he is going to leave you for
someone else – someone younger and hotter.

In “4 Myths About Men That Are Wrecking Your Life” you will discover
the myths that are sabotaging your love life whether you realize it or not.

You’ll also learn what the real truth is so you can change negative thoughts
and behaviors that may have arisen from believing those myths.

In this mini-course, you’ll discover what real love looks like … and
how to experience it for yourself! Here is more of what you’ll learn in this
● What men really want from women and from relationships – prepare to
be surprised by what you learn here!
● The biggest myths women believe about men and what the real truth
is – this information will completely change how you look at men going
● How to set aside the negative thoughts that arise from believing
common myths about men and send your confidence and self-esteem
● The truth about why men behave the way they do and how to use this
information to feel much better about yourself and have much happier
relationships going forward.
● Why those women who believe the common myths about men are
worried about all the wrong things when it comes to getting and
keeping a guy!
● And much more

Many of the So-Called Dating & Relationship Experts Out There Have It All Wrong!

They have fallen for the myths just like you have. As a result, their advice
causes you to have performance anxiety. You feel like you are never good
enough. You feel like you can’t relax and trust the process.

Eventually, all that chronic anxiety can make you hate dating. You
always feel like you’re going to mess up. You feel like men are always
judging you.

You end up doubting yourself. Not trusting your instincts. You get a second
and third opinion on everything you do.

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Stop Basing Your Thoughts & Actions on MYTHS!

Dating from a state of constant fear and anxiety doesn’t bring out the best in you.

Even when you unleash your most brilliant performance – when you’ve
finally nailed the right look, the right amount of sexy, the perfect
conversation focused entirely on him – he still may not call you back.

And this can easily make you feel like a failure. You did everything you
were supposed to do, and it didn’t work. Discover the truth in this mini-
course. Find out why you are not at fault. Learn the truth behind the myths.
Learn what really matters and what men really want.

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Amy Waterman

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