The Real Secrets of Couple Happiness …

Discover How to Master the Art of Staying Happily in Sync
With Your Partner!

In the beginning of a relationship, happiness is easy. But once you’ve been together for a while – especially after you’ve moved in together or gotten married – things change.

Suddenly, happiness is a much more elusive thing. Now that you are around each other all the time there are bad moods to deal with.

And once you’re at a certain point in a relationship, each partner can get tired of managing the other’s moods.

Maybe he doesn’t want to be your shoulder to cry on … maybe he wants you to get over it so he can go back to watching the game.

Maybe you don’t want to make his favorite dinner just because he came home grumpy five nights in a row … maybe you want him to deal with his problems at work so he can get back to being the man you fell in love with.

It’s almost as if we enter a relationship with a certain tolerance level for each other’s bad moods … and that tolerance level grows dangerously shorter as time wears on.

If nothing is done, the relationship can ultimately be destroyed.

How to Gain Control of Your … & Your Partner’s Moods
… & Keep Your Relationship Happy!

Many of us grew up in families where bad moods were an excuse for bad behavior. If Mom or Dad was happy, then we had permission to be happy, too. But if Mom or Dad was mad, you kept your head down and stayed out of sight. Otherwise, you might get yelled at.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a relationship where you had to tread cautiously around your guy when he was in a bad mood. 

Or maybe you’ve found yourself shouting at your guy over nothing, because you were still smarting from something that happened to you earlier in the day.

It’s easy to use a bad mood as an excuse to behave badly. It’s also easy to shame someone for being in a bad mood. Have you ever said to someone or been told, “Why can’t you just be happy?”?

Well, of course, it’s not as easy as just willing yourself or your partner to be in a good mood. But, thankfully, there are things – simple things – than can be done to send the happiness level in your relationship skyrocketing.

Revealed: How to Influence Each Other’s Mood in a Positive Way

Hi, I’m Amy Waterman and I have written a new mini-course entitled, “Couple Happiness: The Art of Staying Happily in Sync” that reveals how you and your partner can keep your relationship happy by influencing each other’s mood.

You’re going to be amazed at how easy it is to do – and the tremendous positive impact it can have on the health of your relationship.

In this mini-course you are going to learn:

  • What an intermood is – and why it may be the key to you and your partner “living happily ever after” together!
  • How your partner’s moods affect you and vice versa – plus, the ways we usually try to deal with each other’s moods and why they fail miserably!
  • How to positively influence your partner – you can reduce his stress, boost your own happiness as a couple and make each day the happiest yet … all by doing this one simple thing!
  • The two main factors that determine couple happiness – get these wrong and your partner will begin to see you as demanding, critical and annoying … and nobody wants that!
  • What women always get wrong when trying to create a “happy house” – start doing this one thing differently and you’ll be amazed how the mood of your spouse and whole family can change for the better!
  • What “The Secret” and all of those Law of Attraction books have all wrong – and why if you fall into their trap and do this particular thing they say to do you could sabotage your relationship and ultimately ruin it 
  • Plus, the biggest threat to your happiness as a couple – and how to ensure you and your partner don’t fall victim to it!
  • And much more

“Happy Spouse, Happy House” – Find Out How to Excel
at the Challenge of Making Each Other Happy!

Imagine a world where your partner is willing to sit with you in both pain and joy—without trying to blame you or shame you for your feelings.

Imagine having a true partnership where when he’s low, you bring him up. And when you’re low, he lifts you up.

Maybe he’s there for you when your grandfather dies. Maybe you’re there for him when he’s laid off.

It’s as if you made an agreement that, when one of you is weak, the other one will be strong.

Imagine being part of a couple where each partner can honestly say they make each other happy … that they wouldn’t be as happy without having each other to rely on.

Imagine not being afraid of whatever life brings, because together you can make it through anything!

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