How to Hit the “Reset Button” When You Fight With Your Partner!

Discover 4 Powerful Phrases That’ll Clear Away Resentment, Anger & Disappointment & Allow You to Take Your Relationship to a Whole
New Level of Happiness!

One of the greatest dangers to your relationship doesn’t come from the outside – that is to say it is NOT another woman or parental disapproval or anything like that.

No, one of the greatest dangers to your relationship comes from within – it is your memories.

Your memories color your relationship in so many ways. They provide a rich source of discussion and a link to your common past. Your memories make you a couple. They give you an identity, unique from all others.

And that would be wonderful, if all those memories were always positive…

But they’re not.

You remember the hurt as much as the joy.

Painful memories change how you view each other. They change how you interact and what you expect. They cast a shadow on the good times. They feed doubt and fear.

The Sad Truth is Many Relationships Break Down
Due to the Weight of All the ‘Bad’ Memories

After all, life is full of things to get upset about. You may think that you’ll stop fighting so much when life gets easier, but that’s not true.

Negativity becomes a habit you can’t break free from.

In fact, the #1 thing couples fight about is NOT what you’d think. It’s not problems like money or housework or sex.

It’s absolutely nothing.

That’s right, couples fight over nothing, because they’re failing to connect emotionally. That failure to connect turns anything and everything into a potential fight.

Like what to have for dinner. Where the remote control went. Who is right and who is wrong.

The more you fight; the more fighting starts to feel natural. You’d be surprised if you didn’t fight.

And even if there’s nothing to fight about today, you’re still angry about what you fought about yesterday or last week or last year.

It’s hard to undo that kind of damage.

All those painful memories of anger, mistrust, and betrayal crowd out the beautiful memories, thanks to the brain’s negativity bias.

But What if There Was a Secret “Reset Button” That Allowed You to Clear Away All the Resentment, Anger & Disappointment That Have Built Up in Your Relationship?

Hi, it’s Amy Waterman and I have written a new mini-course entitled, “4 Magic Phrases That Heal the Hurt” that helps you shift stuck energy and open space for forgiveness, love and healing.

Let me explain:

When a couple first gets together, all they’ve got are positive memories. When they think about each other, that’s what they remember. All the fun. All the joy.

But the longer they’re together, the more bad things happen. Those bad memories build up, tainting the positive ones.

Don’t let memories of fights interfere with your memories of togetherness. Don’t let memories of disappointment dilute memories of pleasure.

This new mini-course shows you how to overcome bad memories and start creating new better ones. Here is just some of what you are going to learn:

  • An ancient Hawaiian practice that goes straight tothe heart of the human condition to lift you up, plant seeds of hope and restore love’s flow!
  • Why more than anything else it’s how you process the pain of a relationship that determines if you’ll make it to happily-ever-after – as well as what you need to do to ensure you start processing things the right way going forward
  • 4 magic phrases that you can say like a mantra towork through your negative thoughts and feelings and to bring a sense of peace so you can stop thinking about all the ways you’ve been hurt.
  • How to use these 4 magic phrases in your relationship to strengthen your love and take your and your partner’s happiness to new levels!
  • The ONE THING you must do to clean away old memories and reset your mind back to its original state of limitlessness – you’re going to be amazed at how easy this is to do and how effective it is
  • And much more

Once You “Heal the Hurt” You’ll be Amazed at How Love Begins to Fill Corners of Your Heart You Never Knew Existed!

You’ll begin to experience the love you’ve always dreamed of … a love where you’re always welcome, no matter what you’ve done wrong!

By reading this mini-course, you’ll learn to process experiences better so that when you talk to your partner about what happened, you’ll be coming at it from a much wiser and compassionate place.

As a result, your relationship should flourish and you both should experience happiness and satisfaction like never before.

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