Become a Man Magnet

Hi everybody, Amy here.

This book is for those of you who feel like you have limited amounts of sexual chemistry when it comes to men. Perhaps you feel your magnetism is out of whack because you keep attracting weirdoes.

But you can change all that …

In Become a Man Magnet I share ways to boost your natural magnetism and use it to clear the way so you can reach your relationship goals.

To begin, what is magnetism? Is it some swirly, twirly, sparkly, magical power that shoots out the end of a magic wand? Or is it an invisible force field over which you have no control? Heck no! It’s real science.

You probably played with magnets as a kid and maybe you learned these scientific facts:

    1. Opposite poles attract while similar poles repel. You can feel the power even with small magnets.
    1. Proximity is important. Depending on the size of the magnet it will not be able to feel the power of attraction if it is too far away from the opposing magnet.
    1. A magnet’s strength depends on its alignment.
  1. Magnetism is transferable. If you have a metal object that’s not magnetic but you take a magnet and run it over the object several times, the magnetism is transferred to that object without decreasing the power of the original magnet.

Believe it or not, sexual magnetism is no different. And once you understand the concept you can use the power to your advantage.

In this book, I will walk you through each of the four ideas and show you how they relate to your love life.


Polarity can be positive and negative, feminine and masculine, estrogen and testosterone, and any other polar opposites that come to mind.


You need to be close enough to a man for the magnetism to take place. You can’t love a man from afar. The “proximity effect” is an actual term for the way people interact with others they’re in proximity to at work, school, or in their neighborhood, mostly because it’s convenient. Wow, that makes humans sound really lazy!


As an example, think about how hard it is to drive a car when the wheels are out of alignment. However, when the wheels are in alignment there’s less wear and tear on the car, you get better gas mileage, and the journey is far more enjoyable.

When you align your thoughts with your needs and wants it can bring about a great deal of power. You know exactly what you want and can be open about it. In this book I give you an exercise to ensure you’re in alignment with your goal to meet the right man.


Presence is very powerful tool; however it takes a good deal of practice so few people use it. When you’re present it means you are in the moment. You aren’t thinking about the time, you aren’t judging the person you’re with, and you’re not hoping something else will happen. You are paying attention and are engaged in each moment.

Added Insight 

This book gives you extra insight with exercises you can use right away to start honing your magnetic power:

    • Learn to spot the right man for you
    • How saying no (in a respectful way) is very important in your quest
  • How to practice being present in the moment – not allowing your attention to wander

My new book Become a Man Magnet provides you with invaluable information on how to use the power that’s already within you to realize your relationship and other life goals. So let’s get to it!

Sounds pretty good, right?

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