Stop Waiting Around for Him to Make a Move

Take the Lead with Nudge Theory, Proceptive Behaviors, and Other Techniques

Hi everyone, it’s Amy.

This month I’ve got a great book for those of you who feel like you’re waiting around for your man to make a move.

Whether you’re ready for a first date, living together, marriage, or children, I can help you with several techniques that address these types of situations.

First let’s take a look at the world in general.

Since the beginning of time, men have held positions of power.

Only in the past 100 or so years have women begun to work, hold positions of power, live on their own, even have children on their own. Wow! Girl power is alive and well.

However, there’s an area where tradition and power still have a toehold – and that is in relationships.

Statistics show that only 6% of women are willing to ask out a man. That means a whopping 96% wait to be asked out! That’s crazy, right?

Since 83% of men prefer to ask the woman out and only 16% are okay with the woman asking that makes the situation seem almost hopeless or about as feasible as winning the lottery.

But before you decide to give up let’s look at a few ways women can take initiative and gain some power right now:

  • Lay the groundwork. Oh sure it might seem tedious and time-consuming but in all honesty this is the procedure men use often, too. Build a friendly rapport with no pressure. Invite him to group events to get to know him better in a different setting.
  • Ask him out ONLY when you’re 95% sure he’ll say yes. This way you don’t have to put everything out there with one question.
  • Nudge Theory. This is about making it easy for people in general (him in particular) to do the right thing instinctively without using ultimatums.

Human beings have two problem solving systems – the head and the gut.

The head makes decisions using deliberate, rational, rule-based thinking whereas the gut is more automatic making fast, instinctive decisions.

The gut is impervious to logic so it’s extremely difficult to convince a man’s gut that moving in together or marrying you is the right thing to do.

This book gives you approaches to nudge your relationship in the right direction and using these approaches can also get the two of you communicating positively, which is the most important aspect of any successful relationship.

5 Approaches You Can Use to Nudge Your Relationship in the Right Direction

  1. Talk around it. If fear is keeping him from moving forward, discuss situations other than your own. The neutrality will keep it from devolving into an argument and you’ll be able to ask questions.
  2. Repeat the Pleasure Connection. Keep your focus positive so the association will be embedded in his mind. For example, “I love it when you stay over.” “You are so great with kids!”
  3. Be the change you want to see in your relationship. I confess I appropriated that statement from Gandhi. But it works whether your focus is the world or your small part of it. Find more ways to enjoy spending time together doing things you both love.
  4. Address any resistance together. If you aren’t getting results by this point, there’s probably not a logical reason. It’s the gut talking. It’s normal to feel stressed about big life changes. Discuss your own fears if he is not willing to talk about his.
  5. Redefine perfection. If you still feel stuck and powerless it means you need to speak the truth … to yourself. Sometimes taking the lead means turning around and walking the other way. You need to do what’s right for you.

Stop Waiting Around for Him to Make a Move – Take the Lead with Nudge Theory, Proceptive Behaviors and Other Techniques will give you even more insight on how to get him (and you) to think differently about building a life together.

This book will also help you define what type of relationship you need to be happiest. Are you okay with living together but not getting married? Would you be happy with marriage but not having children? This is your life not a dress rehearsal. Let’s get to it right now!


Sounds pretty good, right?

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