Cracking the First Date Code

How to Successfully Take Your Online Chemistry Offline

Hi everyone, it’s Amy.

If you’re a fan of online dating, you’re going to want to read this book!

If you’ve been chatting online with a guy and you think you may have chemistry offline too, read this book first. Seriously, you’ll thank me.

Online dating is a necessary evil these days. Everyone is so incredibly busy and hardly has time to take care of necessities much less hang out hoping to meet Mr. Right.

But even online you have to spend a good deal of time setting up your dating account, marketing yourself, and going out on dates only to find the attraction you thought you had does not translate into the real world.

Even though he looks good on paper, and you’ve talked on the phone or by text or email, there can still be little attraction once you meet face to face.

If you can take all the time you’d spend chatting him up and use it to prepare for the first date instead, you can increase your odds tremendously!

The truth is that the online world bears very little resemblance to the real world. In the virtual world you can control everything.

Think about your profile photo. Is it recent? Did you choose it out of a million others that did not get your good side? Will you look the same in person?

Face to face meetings are more complex because a person’s profile is not that person. It’s only the best part of that person decided by them. If his ex-wife wrote the profile it would be another story altogether.

This book goes into facts you need to know to get the most out of that first date.

A few things to keep in mind are:

A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Online you’re using your mind to determine if the two of you are compatible, but sadly your brain is not in charge of attraction. Your logic is too slow.
  • Your gut (or subconscious) is what needs the face-to-face time to determine attraction.
  • Physical attraction is body over mind, not the other way around.

Now most of us are savvy enough to know that scammers are all over the internet, so if a guy sounds too good to be true he probably is. So be safe and smart.

Have an email address that you use for the dating site only and be sure to meet during the day if possible in a place where there are a lot of other people.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your First Date Really Count

  1. Don’t even think about falling in love before you meet in person.
  2. Meet as soon as possible – after 3 or 4 messages at the most – this way if there’s no chemistry you haven’t wasted a lot of time for you or him.
  3. Make your focus on chemistry not conversation. Like the Billy Joel lyric, “I don’t want clever conversation. I never want to work that hard.”
  4. Share a secret, nothing TOO personal. You don’t want to send him running in the opposite direction, but a little self-disclosure never hurt anyone.
  5. The first date should be 30 minutes only. No longer. Leave your audience of one wanting more! You’re trying to determine if you have chemistry, not taking a trip together. Plus, you’ll know long before the 30 minutes is up.

Cracking the First Date Code How to Successfully Take Your Online Chemistry Offline provides even more insight on how to use your free time more wisely when looking for someone who “completes” you.

It’s so disheartening to put tons of time and effort into what you think could be a great relationship only to find out there’s no chemistry. This book will help you avoid needlessly wasted time and heartbreak.

Sounds pretty good, right?

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