How to attract the kind of love that feels effortless and magical.

The Effort Paradox:

How “trying hard” is blocking your love life.

It’s strange, but true.

In the world of romance, being “too nice” can ruin everything.

Perhaps you see yourself as an easy-going, kind, gentle and loving woman. You feel best giving to those you love.

You don’t like conflict, and you’re good at smoothing things over.

When you fall for someone, you’re fiercely loyal. You’ll do anything to make it work.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. You see, this is what I call, “the effort trap.”

And unfortunately, the effort trap is tailor-made for women.

That’s because, in our culture, women get rewarded for putting someone else’s needs above their own.

Now, don’t get me wrong. That selfless instinct is a beautiful thing. But it doesn’t belong in your romantic relationships. Because it attracts the shadow side of love.

The shadow side of love creeps in when you begin to tie your self-worth to your ability to gain your partner’s approval. Your self-esteem rises and falls based on what’s going on with him.

The more you focus on him, the more you lose yourself. The things that attracted him to you in the first place become harder to see. And the triggers that make effortless love unfold naturally quickly fade from view.

If you’re used to being in relationships where you give, give and give some more (while he does nothing but take), then you are blocking true love from your life.

It takes time and training to break that pattern. And that’s what this mini-course is all about.

There’s a better way.

You see, effortless love will never emerge from trying harder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The harder you try to please other people, the less of the real you they will ever see. Your needs, your opinions, the things that light you up with energy… Well, no one knows about them.

Because you’re too busy people pleasing. Looking at things from his perspective so you can avoid letting him down.

It’s a useful skill, no doubt. But if you’re too good at it, it can ruin your chances at finding the love you deserve.

In this special mini-course, Amy Waterman tackles one of the most common and deadly poisons that end good relationships fast.

She shows you how to discover your own hidden patterns, revealing the ways in which you are giving too much and asking too little.

After reading this mini-course, you’ll know how to reclaim the beauty of a relationship built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and desire. You’ll no longer be the one who does all the work, all the chasing, and all the longing for something deeper, natural and real.

Welcome to the future of your romantic happiness!

It lies on the other side of this mini-course, where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of 3 forgotten secrets with the power to unleash a new feeling of effortless success with men.

When does a relationship cross the line from healthy to unhealthy? When does trying too hard start to work against your desire to be cherished and swept off your feet? Two groundbreaking books published 30 years ago will provide some answers.

In relationships, effort can only take you so far. Eventually, your self-sacrificing feels less fun. Because you only have so much to give.

You only have so much willpower to use up before the truth is revealed. The truth that effortful love is fake, a poor substitute for the natural love you feel when all your needs are being met by a guy who knows, loves and appreciates the real you.

Women who love too much often find that things don’t turn out the way they want. Their lovers don’t flourish under their onslaught of affection. Instead, these men turn cold, or back off, or betray their trust.

And yet these women hang on, certain that with enough effort they’ll discover the key that turns on his devotion and commitment.

It takes a great deal of courage and insight to recognize this pattern so you can put a stop to it for good.

Fortunately, Amy Waterman is the perfect person to build up your confidence as you adopt a new stance on love.

Welcome to the effortless side of passion, romance and desire!

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