The Maturity Key

How To Get Your Lovable, Immature Guy To Grow Up

Hi there, Amy Waterman here.

Do you ever feel like your man has “Peter Pan” syndrome? Like he just refuses to grow up?

He’s fun and charming, funny and exciting… he brings out a light hearted side of you that you may not enjoy often enough.

But even though these fun-loving qualities can be wonderful in a man, and can often make great dads…

You may not want to get stuck being “Wendy” to his “Peter Pan.”

If you give him the chance, he will end up seeing you as somewhere between his significant other and his mom.

Because while he’s off being the life of the party, playing video games or jamming on his guitar in the garage…

You’re stuck cleaning the dishes, paying bills and picking up his dirty laundry.

This arrangement may not seem like such a big deal but could present the beginning of one of the biggest dangers to any relationship.

I’ll tell you more about that in a moment but first it’s important to understand something.

This type of situation rarely works itself out on its own. In fact, it usually gets worse as time goes on.

Because if you give him the opportunity to shirk daily responsibilities he will get used to it and start to expect to be taken care of.

He won’t even realize all the little things you do for him.

And chances are, you will start to feel taken for granted and eventually resentful.

And here lies one of the biggest dangers to your relationship:


When the balance of responsibility is way out of kilter and you get stuck with more than your fair share…

All those cute, charming, fun qualities start to seem a lot less attractive.

Those things that made you fall in love with him in the first place are now all things that may start to drive you absolutely crazy.

And to make matters even more difficult, most attempts to get your guy to change end up in an argument or even push him away.

He sees any criticism as “nagging” or attempts to “fix” him. And he digs his heels in.

But luckily there is a better way to restore balance to the relationship.

You don’t want him to grow up and stop having fun, you just want him to help out and pull his weight.

You deserve to have the best of both worlds. A fun-loving, exciting relationship and a guy that can take care of himself (and the kids).

And getting him to do that is much simpler than you might imagine.

In fact, it can be as easy as a quick shift in perspective.

That’s why I want to share this special addition to the Irresistible Insiders Library with you. It’s called…

The Maturity Key

How to Get An Immature Guy To Grow Up

In this special mini-course you’ll learn about the “Peter Pan Syndrome”, a worldwide phenomenon of men who just won’t (or can’t) grow up.

You’ll also learn to distinguish real immaturity from other traits that look similar, like an avoidant attachment style.

You’ll learn how emotional immaturity affects relationships, and how you could be inadvertently enabling him.

Finally, we’ll look at strategies that work and strategies that don’t. You’ll discover how you can bring out the man in him without having to give up on him. The key to maturity is a simple perspective switch away.

All for the one time payment of $9.

And you are completely safe to try this out.

As always, you’re backed by my iron-clad…

Just try out “The Maturity Key” for 60 days and see how much better life can be when you’re with a fun-loving guy that ALSO knows how to be an adult.

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And if you’re not satisfied for any reason…

Simply let me know with an email and you’ll get back every penny, no questions asked.

Does that sound good?

Are you ready to stop feeling bitter and taken for granted?

Are you ready to stop being “Wendy” while he gets to be have all the fun with no responsibility?

Are you ready to finally get through to him in a way that makes him WANT to listen and change?

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Wishing you the best,

Amy Waterman and James Bauer